Where Are Dieter Krombach’s Kids Now?

As the title suggests, Netflix’s ‘My Daughter’s Killer’ is a documentary that explores the extreme measures André Bamberski took to bring his little girl Kalinka some much-deserved justice. From the way he spent nearly three decades pouring over her 1982 murder to his efforts in both France and Germany to ensure her stepfather Dr. Dieter Krombach’s capture, it’s all delved into here. But for now, if you just wish to learn more about the former doctor’s biological children, in particular, whether from his first marriage in the 60s or last in the 90s, here’s everything we know.

Who Are Dieter Krombach’s Children?

It was back in November 1963 that 28-year-old Dieter Krombach tied the knot with Monika Hentze while she was carrying their eldest child Diana despite being around ten years her senior. They soon made a suitable home in Zurich before welcoming a son named Boris into their unique world, only for things to change drastically following Monika’s sudden death in 1969. Dieter didn’t have any children from his second wife, Inge, yet his familial standing was much different during his third union with Danièle Gonnin since they were living blended — her brood mixed in as well.

The Krombach-Bamberski’s were seemingly an idyllic brood residing together in Lindau in the 1970 and 1980s, but Kalinka Bamberski’s passing reportedly made the Krombachs come much closer. Danièle, alongside her son Nicolas, left Dieter for good in 1987 owing to his infidelity, and the doctor eventually fathered Katia (or Katya) with his fourth wife, Elke Fröhlich (married 1992). However, the most significant aspect is that no matter the legal troubles he faced in the ensuing years, his three kids believed in his innocence concerning Kalinka’s case at every step of the way.

Where Are Dieter Krombach’s Children Now?

When Dieter ultimately stood trial for his hand in Kalinka’s horrific demise in 2011, all his children were present at the Paris court house to show their support, but only Diana Gunther spoke to the press. “I hope… my father can come home,” she said at one point. “There have been so many lies in the newspapers that I hope the jury and judges will take into account all these lies, and then we won’t have any more of these stories.” She also stated, “The only outcome can be a not guilty verdict. If you look at all the things that’ve been written and said — the [prosecutors] have no basis.”

Diana continued in the press conference, “They’re all assumptions made by the other side which will not withstand… [My father] wants it to end too. There must be an end because he physically can no longer take it.” That’s why the conviction broke the entire family’s heart, and they subsequently did their best to not just help him appeal but also visit him until his release in 2020. Coming to their current whereabouts, Diana, Boris, and Katia (or Katya) prefer to stay well away from the limelight these days, meaning we can only assume they’re still based in Germany at the moment.

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