Who Was Dieter Krombach’s First Wife? How Did She Die?

As a documentary that delves deep into the horrific summer 1982 death of teen Kalinka Bamberski, Netflix’s ‘My Daughter’s Killer’ is as incredibly gripping as it is perversely bewildering. That’s because it explores the way her tenacious, loving father, Andre Bamberski, spent close to 30 years fighting for justice against her stepfather and “unintentional” killer, Dr. Dieter Krombach. The most intriguing aspect here, though, is that the doctor turned serial rapist’s first wife also died under strange circumstances back in the 1960s — so now, let’s find out more about her, shall we?

Who Was Dieter Krombach’s First Wife?

It was back in the early 1960s when rising doctor Dieter Krombach (born May 1935) began a relationship with Monika Hentze without any reserves despite the fact she was ten years his junior. They actually tied the knot in November 1963 while the latter was already carrying their eldest child Diana, according to L’Express Magazine, which suggests she was barely 18 at the time. The couple even welcomed a son Boris into their world within a few short years, yet their marriage was far from perfect; he often beat, raped, and threatened to kill his wife, as per Monika’s family.

There were “a lot of disputes between the couple,” her brother Mickaël Hentze testified during Dieter’s 2011 trial, but she never filed a complaint against him because “it was taboo at the time.” As if that’s not enough, his former brother-in-law reportedly went as far as to administer several injections to Monika at home, including “iron and vitamins,” “a common practice in Germany.” However, everything changed for the worse once the seemingly fit young mother was suddenly struck down with an unexplainable illness that left her mute, blind, and ultimately paralyzed in 1969.

How Did Dieter Krombach’s First Wife Die?

In October 1969, Monika Hentze passed away from a cerebral brain hemorrhage — from uncontrollable bleeding inside her skull owing to a ruptured vessel — while already admitted into a Frankfurt hospital. This reportedly happened mere hours after her husband Dieter Krombach had injected her with “snake venom” upon elbowing a trained physician out of the way, according to her mother. Nevertheless, it’s imperative to note that despite prosecutor investigations, his actions have never been tied to her tragic passing — it was ostensibly entirely coincidental and unrelated.

In fact, as per reports, some doctors have ruled that the 24-year-old’s demise was the direct result of either taking a high dose of contraceptive pills or taking one particular kind for too long. In other words, the medications in her system had led to blood clots blocking her basilar artery (basilar thrombosis), which ultimately burst and caused her to lose her life. Dr. Dieter Paul Christian Krombach has hence never been taken into custody, officially arrested, or charged in connection to his first wife Monika’s demise.

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