Where Are Odacchi and Nanako From Love is Blind: Japan Now?

Love is Blind: Japan‘ is a reality dating series that centers around a group of marriage-ready singles as they meet, mingle, and get engaged, all before even setting sights on one another. The goal here is to help them find their forever partner while also exploring what truly matters in a relationship — an emotional connection as well as good communication. However, as defined through Odacchi and Nanako’s tale, things aren’t always as they seem in such circumstances. So now, if you wish to delve into their bond and uncover more about them, here’s what we know.

Odacchi and Nanako’s Love is Blind: Japan Journey

Almost as soon as then-31-year-old Odacchi came across then-35-year-old Nanako in the pods, they got into some real conversations, covering everything from professions to aspirations to her divorce. The comedian, though, didn’t find the former ballet instructor’s voice striking enough to consider a romance until the next day when she brought humor into play. After all, Nanako spoke of getting a heatstroke following their discussion the evening prior and quipped that Odacchi, thanks to his undeniably witty charm as well as sincere optimism, could have been the cause of it.

The duo then went on to talk about their core beliefs, pet peeves, future expectations, and much more, only to fall hard and fast. In fact, they soon began calling one another “partner” or “family,” which is why Odacchi’s romantic proposal (with a pod full of rose petals) came as no surprise. As if that wasn’t enough to make them seem like the perfect couple, their initial meeting also proved to be wonderous, especially with Nanako joyously claiming that Odacchi looked like a teddy bear, exactly her type.

In an utterly unexpected turn of events, though, the couple’s compatibility started going downhill from the moment they first got together for the getaway. Not only did Odacchi focus more on his laptop than his fiancée during the travel and in the hotel room, but whenever they did hang out, there was no conversation between them. It was as if a switch was flipped, and the sweet, loving, and supportive comic who’d won her over had disappeared entirely, forcing Nanako to try enjoying things alone.

Having already experienced a relationship with her ex-husband where she couldn’t express herself, Nanako decided she wanted better and opened up a difficult conversation with Odacchi. He subsequently admitted that he struggled to convey who he really is, supposedly due to his different sides — one of which needed a bit of alone time — yet it wasn’t enough for her. Odacchi wanted to discuss matters and try harder since Nanako was the one who’d brought out the best in him in the pods, but she had made up her mind, leading them to go their separate ways.

Where Are Odacchi and Nanako Now?

Since their break up, Odacchi and Nanako have seemingly moved on to the best of their abilities, focusing entirely upon themselves to develop their personal as well as professional lives. From what we can tell, Nanako has not only returned to teaching ballet, but she’s also a gymnastics history/pilates instructor, a model signed by the Lay-World agency, and a Fukuoka-based K-pop enthusiast. Coming to the former, the Kochi native is one half of the Atsuka Dragon comedic duo, a social media personality, a local radio host, and an entertainer through and through.

We should even mention that neither Odacchi nor Nanako appear to be in any romantic involvements right now, and they likely haven’t been in touch with each other since splitting up either. The fact that they don’t have a single connection/interaction on any social media platforms is the most significant indication of that statement. “June ended today,” Nanako wrote back in 2021 as probably one of the only mentions of her time on ‘Love is Blind: Japan’ with Odacchi. “I quit my job, did something new, met a lot of people, and instantly got heatstroke lol… It was a whirlwind month, but it was the best month.”

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