Rosa Peral’s Daughters: The Girls Now Live Privately

Netflix’s ‘Rosa Peral’s Tapes,’ AKA ‘Las Cintas de Rosa Peral,’ primarily revolves around the perspective shared by Rosa Peral, who has been convicted for the murder of Pedro Rodríguez. One of the most significant factors driving her actions throughout her version of events was the welfare of her two daughters, whom she claimed to have always prioritized in life. With their mother in prison, the public cannot help but wonder about the whereabouts of the two girls.

Who Are Rosa Peral’s Daughters?

Rosa Peral started dating a man named Ruben, whom she had met at a club when she was 16. Though she claimed she had initially rebuffed his flirtations, they soon started to talk and became a couple. In the initial phase of her relationship, she was thrilled to have a partner who could drive as she herself did not have a license and immensely enjoyed his company. As time passed, Rosa apparently believed herself to be in love with Ruben and thought of him as the man of her dreams.

Together, Rosa and Ruben welcomed two daughters into this world. However, their relationship soon started to deteriorate, with Rosa growing closer to her work partner, Albert López. While she was still in a relationship with Ruben, she had apparently also had an affair with a sub-inspector named Oscar. The man in question had allegedly leaked explicit images of her to her contact by hacking her email in 2008.

Though Rosa found herself happy in Albert’s company, she kept her daughters as her first priority. This, she claimed in the Netflix documentary, is one of the main reasons why she separated from Albert, as he had apparently not wished to settle down and have a family while Rosa already had one she cared much about. Hence, when she met Pedro Rodríguez, she felt like he might be the one, given his eagerness to connect with Rosa’s daughters.

Indeed, Pedro seemed to have a good relationship with both girls and even went with them on a skiing trip around two months before his death. Rosa revealed that Ruben had wanted to form a bond with her daughters that was unique in nature. He did not have a desire to be a father to them, respecting Ruben’s role in their life, nor did he want to be an uncle. Instead, he was referred to as “Titi” by  Rosa’s daughters.

Rosa Peral and Daughters with Pedro Rodríguez

According to Rosa, the safety of her daughters led her to do as Albert said when he allegedly came by her home and started to threaten her. She claimed that this was the reason why she drove where she was asked, despite her former partner being in a different vehicle, and why she had come forward with her information to the investigators over ten days after the death of Pedro. One of the most critical pieces of evidence presented against Rosa during her trial was supposed to be testimony given by Antonia, Ruben’s partner at the time. The witness in question claimed that one of Rosa’s daughters had given her information that implied that Rosa had drugged Pedro on the night of his death.

Antonia added that the girl had mimicked Pedro’s actions when he was allegedly under the influence. However, the minor’s guardian at the time exercised her right not to testify against her own mother, making Antonia’s testimony verbal recollection of the incident void in the court, though she was indeed asked to mimic how the girl had acted when describing Pedro. In the documentary, Rosa remained firm that Antonia fabricated this piece of information, as her daughters could not have told her something that apparently never happened.

Where Are Rosa Peral’s Daughters Now?

Given their status as minors, the identities of Rosa Peral’s daughters have been kept under wraps. Given the attention the case received in the Spanish media, the scrutiny the girls would have gone under would undoubtedly have been significant. With Rosa Peral having been sentenced to 25 years in prison, it is likely that her daughters now live with their father, Ruben. However, they are still in touch with their mother and visit her monthly in the company of Francisco Peral, Rosa’s father.

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