Where is Adam Cox Now?

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As the title suggests, ABC’s ’20/20: Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell’ is an episode that examines the tale of those two individuals who became infamous across the globe just a couple of years prior. After all, that’s when the then-newlyweds were apprehended for the brutal murders of Lori’s children, J.J. and Tylee Ryan, only to later be accused of killing her fourth husband and Chad’s first wife as well. But now that her brother, Adam Cox, has opened up about the entire ordeal on national television for the first time, let’s find out all that there’s to know about him, shall we?

Who is Adam Cox?

Adam Cox is the older brother of Lori Vallow Daybell — someone who still remembers how happy and close they were while growing up in Southern California decades ago, especially with three other siblings. According to his accounts, not only did they swim together, but he also taught her how to play basketball before witnessing the way she grew into a high school cheerleader and then into a family woman. Adam never worried too much about his sister during that time, but years later, once he noticed that she’d started to adopt strange ideologies, he grew genuinely concerned.

In fact, in the months leading up to the tragedies, Lori had told Adam that she’d spoken to Jesus Christ “face to face” and that she was “turning into a translated being” who could not die. Obviously unsettled, he looked at his sister in shock and said, “Lori, what you’re saying is not true; this is nonsense. And she goes, ‘You think I’m crazy, don’t you?'” That’s when Adam tried to explain that what she was claiming was “not normal,” yet instead of listening, Lori simply tried to cut off their relationship for good. He subsequently tried to get their mother to interfere but to no avail.

Fast forward to the disappearances of J.J. and Tylee, and Adam had the gut feeling that if his sister wasn’t revealing where they were, his niece and nephew were dead. “Lori talked about death a lot actually, talked about the next life, how great the next life is and how it’s going to be perfect and how her kids won’t have to suffer in the next life,” Adam said in ‘The Followers: Madness of Two’ podcast in 2021. “I thought, ‘If they’re good, Lori, you tell me where these kids are.’ If she says, ‘Well, I’m not going to tell you where the kids are,’ that means the kids aren’t alive.”

Where is Adam Cox Now?

The loss of innocent lives and Lori’s alleged hand in the same has left Adam Cox shaken to his core, mainly because he is still struggling to make sense of everything that transpired. Moreover, he has since conceded that his “family is nothing the way it used to be. You don’t know who to trust, who’s saying what, what actually happened… There’s so much deceit. And some family members may believe one thing, and other family members may believe another thing.”

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All Adam knows for sure is that nothing will ever be enough in the name of justice for J.J. Vallow and Tylee Ryan. “If you think about what those kids went through, is there anything that could bring justice to what happened to those kids?” Adam said. From what we can tell, although he continues to grapple with his emotions in connection to these harrowing incidents, Adam is now determined to speak up about his sister and her behavior while also keeping his personal life away from the spotlight.

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