Where is Alter Ego Filmed?

‘Alter Ego’ joins an already long list of singing competition reality shows but has one major quality that sets it apart and makes it unlike any other reality show we’ve seen so far. The contestants perform not as themselves but as vibrant 3D avatars of themselves on stage. The show blends the classic search for talent with cutting-edge technology to present a format that has surreal animated avatars on stage performing with real backup dancers behind them and talking to judges in real-time about themselves.

The 20 aspiring singers that are part of the show’s opening season get a chance to create their dream avatar and showcase their talent with their reinvented personas. The show’s panel of judges includes Alanis Morissette, Grimes, Nick Lachey, and will.i.am, while Rocsi Diaz hosts. Curious about where this futuristic show is being put together? Here is where ‘Alter Ego’ is filmed.

Alter Ego Filming Locations

‘Alter Ego’ is filmed in a studio in California, in front of a live audience. The show uses advanced motion capture technology, allowing the contestants’ glamorous on-stage avatars to mimic their movements closely. In a sneak peek of the show, one of the contestants began to tear up while talking about himself, only to have the onstage avatar begin to shed glistening tears as well!

The format of the show truly has audiences, and even the show’s judges, intrigued. Filming of the show was carried out over the summer of 2021 in relative secrecy, but we can now finally have a look at the specific location where the futuristic reality singing competition is brought to life.

Los Angeles, California

As with many such singing competition reality shows, ‘Alter Ego’ is filmed in Los Angeles, California. The show uses the CBS Television City Studios, located at 7800 Beverly Boulevard, which have famously hosted such popular reality competition shows like ‘American Idol,’ ‘America’s Got Talent,’ and ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

The studio facility is one of the largest in the country and was reportedly one of the first built expressly for television production and broadcasting. Not just the interior walls, but even the exterior walls of some of the soundstages can be moved, giving productions a lot of flexibility. It is no surprise that a groundbreaking show like ‘Alter Ego,’ which promises to give audiences a novel experience, is shot at this iconic facility.

The motion capture technology used by the show has resulted in some truly flamboyant-looking alter egos that also seemingly channel the contestants’ own ideas for how they want to appear when they perform. Some of the avatars we’ve seen so far include Kingston Sol, Wolfgang Champagne, St. Luna, The Loverboy, and Fern.

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