Where is Amanza Smith Now?

When we were first introduced to Amanza Smith in the sophomore season of ‘Selling Sunset,’ we could’ve never imagined she’d be much more than Jason Oppenheim and Mary Fitzgerald’s close friend. However, through the three more installments that have gone by, we’re glad to have been proven wrong and know she is not just strong as well as supportive but also kind, caring, and a complete powerhouse. So, if you wish to learn more about the single mother’s past experiences, along with what she has been up to these days, don’t worry; we’ve got the essential details for you.

Who is Amanza Smith?

Upon graduating from Indiana State University with a degree in Interior Design, Amanza Smith relocated to Los Angeles, California, where she stepped into the world of entertainment. From being a model in ‘Deal or No Deal’ for two seasons to featuring in various magazines and television commercials to being an NFL cheerleader (not necessarily in this order), Amanza did it all. In fact, the latter is how she met Ralph Brown, her now ex-husband, with whom she has two children — daughter Noah and son Braker — who he reportedly abandoned when he suddenly disappeared back in August 2019.

Amanza and Ralph actually divorced in 2012, two years after they tied the knot. However, they had been amicably co-parenting before he claimed financial instability and just vanished from the face of the Earth. His reason was not a surprise to the model turned interior decorator turned realtor as he allegedly hadn’t been paying child support, yet his decision to leave their kids was.

Talking about Ralph to People, Amaza stated, “He was a very loyal, hands-on, dedicated, interactive father. I know it sounds so crazy.” Regardless, his actions left Amanza with no choice but to begin a legal battle to attain sole custody of Noah and Braker, which she won in September 2021. An absentee Ralph did not get any visitation rights.

Where is Amanza Smith Now?

Since the court decision, nothing much has changed for Amanza Smith in terms of how she’s been leading her life, except she now has the comfort of knowing her children will always be safe under her care. With that said, having grown up without a father herself, she understands how they might be feeling, which is why she reportedly urged them to talk to a therapist to deal with their abrupt loss.

“They’re amazing kids, but they’re hurt,” Amanza stated during a conversation for the ‘Not Skinny But Not Fat’ podcast. “This is the kind of stuff that’s going to come back up later [in their lives],” she openly added. “Braker is angry, and Noah is sad.” Therefore, the Realtor Associate and in-house Interior Design Specialist for The Oppenheim Group is still dedicating herself to both her children as well as her career to build the best possible life imaginable.

For this, Amanza has been making the most of every opportunity coming her way, whether as an employee or an entrepreneur — she’s the proud founder/CEO of a company named Kidterior Design. As if that’s not enough, the Los Angeles native has also been using her platform to spread positivity, empower other women, and bring awareness to the importance of hard work. As her recent tattoos imply, Amanza feels invincible thanks to a bit of faith and support.

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