Where is Angel Flight Filmed?

Based on the bestselling novel titled ‘Angel Flight: Kokusai Reikyu Sokanshi’ by Ryota Kosawa, Amazon Prime’s ‘Angel Flight’ is a Japanese comedy-drama series that follows a group of international hearse repatriation experts. Their job involves transporting the dead bodies of people who have died abroad back to their homeland. Run and operated by the single mother Nami Izawa and Kashiwagi, the company Angel Hearse consists of a team of employees who help the former.

The drama show sheds light on the connection and love between the deceased and the bereaved through different characters while incorporating several comedic elements to keep the narrative from turning too gloomy and melancholic. Featuring impressive onscreen performances from a talented cast comprising Ryoko Yonekura, Honoka Matsumoto, Yu Shirota, Yuma Yamoto, and Kayo Noro, the story unfolds in the urban setting of Japan, with most of the show taking place in the headquarters of Angel Hearse company. Thus, naturally, many of you must be eager to learn more about the actual locations of ‘Angel Flight.’ In that case, you might be interested in what we have to share about the same!

Angel Flight Filming Locations

‘Angel Flight’ is filmed in Japan, specifically in various sites across the East Asian island country. According to reports, principal photography for the inaugural iteration of the drama series took place during the spring of 2022. So, let’s not waste time and traverse through all the specific locations that appear in the Amazon Prime show!


The modern architecture and features, along with the natural beauty of the unique landscape of Japan, are predominantly noticeable in the backdrop of many scenes of ‘Angel Flight,’ with the production team setting up camp in different locations across the island country. For instance, it appears that the filming unit utilizes the premise of one of the many airports in the country to tape a few interior and exterior scenes for the series.

Moreover, we cannot rule out the possibility that the facilities of a film studio were put to good use by the cast and crew of ‘Angel Flight,’ probably for recording the scenes involving the Angel Hearse headquarters. Interestingly, national and local governments take care of Japan’s healthcare. While the country’s overall life expectancy is one of the highest in the world, most of the deaths in Japan are caused by cancer and cardiovascular diseases. So, given the focus on death and the healthcare industry throughout the series, it makes sense why the makers choose to shoot it mostly on location.

As the cast and crew move across the country for shooting purposes, you will likely spot some landmarks and tourist attractions in the background, be it parks, gardens, or museums. Some popular places of interest in Japan include Jindai Botanical Garden, Akatsuka Park, Egota-no-Mori Park, Meguro Sky Garden, Joutenkaku Museum, Kyoto City Heiankyo Sosei-Kan Museum, and Onishi Seiwemon Museum. Over the years, Japan has been a prominent production location for numerous movies, such as ‘Lost in Translation,’ ‘Babel,’ ‘Drive My Car,’ and ‘Nobody Knows.’

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