Where Is Asante Tait From FBoy Island Now?

Image Credit: Hassen Salum/HBO Max

If you have ever wondered if an FBoy can reform himself over time, HBO Max’s ‘FBoy Island‘ would be right up your alley. While starting off as any regular dating reality show ‘FBoy Island’ ultimately pits money against love through an exciting premise that is sure to keep you interested. Initially, we follow three single women as they try to find their perfect partners from a group of 24 or more eligible bachelors. Yet, unbeknown to the women, half of the bachelors are nice guys, while the rest are self-proclaimed FBoys.

Naturally, the nice guys arrive on the exotic island in search of true love, while the Fboys only care about cold hard cash. Interestingly, the women are given complete freedom to pick and choose from the group and even eliminate a person at the end of every episode. However, if an FBoy does end up becoming the final choice in the competition, he can either split the money with his significant other or take it all for himself.

From the moment Asante Tait entered ‘FBoy Island’ season 2, he has been winning hearts for his interesting personality, charming smile, and cheerful disposition. However, episode 8 of the show ends in heartbreak for the reality star, as Tamaris Sepulveda ultimately eliminated him from the show. Still, with filming now over, let’s take a look at Asante’s journey and find out where he is at present, shall we?

Asante Tait’s FBoy Island Journey

Asante Tait, a resident of Atlanta, Georgia, appeared different from other contestants as he claimed he had trouble keeping up meaningful and engaging conversations with women. Although the 27-year-old initially thought he was pursuing women who were not meant for him, the inability to maintain conversations soon sparked a fear inside Asante’s heart. Thus, wanting to force himself to step out of his comfort zone and test his abilities at conversing with women, Asante entered the ‘FBoy Island’ villa, determined to find a perfect partner.

Image Credit: Hassen Salum/HBO Max

Besides, Asante revealed that he is quite creative at heart and always sees the most beautiful things in others. In fact, apart from leading an outdoorsy life filled with swimming and hiking, Asante also took time out to paint, design, and sew, which made him quite an exciting addition to the ‘FBoy Island’ cast. Interestingly, right from the beginning, Asante seemed to have eyes only for Tamaris Sepulveda, and the Atlanta resident was willing to wait for his turn for a one-on-one date.

However, as the second season rolled on, Tamaris built a much more profound connection with Casey and Benedict, leaving Asante to safeguard himself. Surprisingly, Asante never appeared to give up and often tried to engage Tamaris in small conversations. Besides, he even seemed quite loyal to her and refused to be swayed by the events around him.

Ultimately, in episode 7, Tamaris took Asante out on a date, much to his delight. However, viewers soon found out that Tamaris wanted to use Asante to gain information about her other connections and had no intention of pursuing a romantic relationship with him. Since then, Asante kept coming up in Tamaris’ bottom two until she eventually eliminated him at the end of episode 8.

Where Is Asante Tait Now?

Surprisingly, Asante Tait has always had a limited presence on social media and preferred to keep his life under wraps once filming for season 2 ended. However, viewers will be glad to know that Asante did make quite a few tight connections during his time in the ‘FBoy Island’ villa. From the looks of it, the reality star has since settled into his everyday life in Atlanta, Georgia.

Asante works as a stylist and fashion creator. In fact, the reality personality’s social media account also features a few testaments of his brilliant work. Unfortunately, current developments make it seem like Asante is still single. Now, with him completely focused on furthering his career, we would like to wish the ‘FBoy Island’ star the very best in all his future endeavors.

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