Where Is Brandon Leake Now?

Ever since its premiere, ‘America’s Got Talent’ has been providing brilliant and capable talents a much-needed public platform. The show has been responsible for throwing the spotlight on numerous lesser-known acts and has also catapulted people into fame and success. In season 15 of the show, Brandon Leake brought his unique talent in spoken word poetry. With his outstanding performance, excellent storytelling skills, and enigmatic personality, Brandon managed to win the hearts of audiences and judges alike.

After being announced as the winner of season 15 and subsequently getting a headline show in Vegas, Brandon’s fanbase grew significantly. With fans clamoring to know what milestone the spoken word poet plans on crossing next, we decided to find out what Brandon Leake is up to at present!

Who Is Brandon Leake?

Brandon Leake grew up in Stockton, California, and had an extremely difficult childhood. Born to Tyrone and Carla Leake-Gibson, Brandon never got to know his father during his childhood and was instead raised alone by his mother. Living with heartbreak from his childhood, 4-year-old Brandon had to witness his 8-month-old sister pass away in 1997. The suffering and hurt he faced since childhood made him even more determined to make a name for himself.

After attending Edison High School, Brandon managed to become the first-ever college graduate of his family when he graduated from Simpson University. While still in University, Brandon fell in love with poetry which inspired him to start CTM or Called to Move. An organization of artists at Simpson University, CTM began encouraging and inspiring like-minded artists to share their talent with the world. Even after graduating college, poetry never left Brandon’s side, and he even went on to publish his first album, ‘In My Thoughts,’ in 2016.

Along with his poetry, Brandon also took up a teaching job at a high school alongside a job as an academic advisor at San Joaquin Delta College. Additionally, with his high school and Delta college jobs, Brandon ran poetry workshops for youths. He also began taking up shows around the country with a deep desire to make his poetry reach places. Around this time, Brandon met his future wife, Anna Rebekah, during one of his performances in Stockton. The two were introduced through a mutual friend and found deep chemistry between them.

2017 was a bittersweet year for Brandon as he got rejected after auditioning for ‘America’s Got Talent’ season 12. However, on a much more pleasant note, in 2017, Brandon met his birth father for the very first time in his life. The meeting took place on August 31, 2017, and just two days later, on September 2, 2017, Brandon got married to his wonderful wife, Anna.

In 2018, determined to take his career to the next level, Brandon released ‘The Classics EP’ and ‘Deficiencies: A Tale from My Dark Side.’ The former is an extended play comprising five tracks, while the latter is an album containing 14 spoken poem tracks. In September 2018, Brandon also undertook ‘The Dark Side Tour’ to promote his album. He performed at shows all over the United States and even ventured abroad with shows in New Zealand, Mexico, and Canada.

The massively positive response Brandon received from the public further boosted his confidence. In 2020 Brandon decided to try out for ‘AGT’ season 15. Moreover, the year held another pleasant surprise for the poet as he and his wife became proud parents to their child, Aaliyah James Leake. Once Brandon was selected into ‘America’s Got Talent,’ he never looked back and continued vowing audiences worldwide with his brilliant skill. His years of struggle, hard work, dedication, and determination were finally rewarded when he was announced as the winner of ‘America’s Got Talent’ season 15.

Where Is Brandon Leake Now?

Ever since winning ‘America’s Got Talent,’ Brandon has been steadily climbing the success ladder and is now a household name in the whole of the United States. ‘AGT’ gave him the platform he needed to bring his unique craft to the world, and Brandon immediately seized the opportunity to establish spoken word poetry on the map. Every ‘AGT’ winner gets his or her own headline show in Vegas, and while Brandon too is signed up for the same, his show got delayed because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Instead of being affected by the delay, the talented poet took it in his stride and told Recordnet, “I’m kind of happy that it got delayed a bit just because I got a chance to revel in the victory with my family in a way that if I had to immediately jump into the fire I wouldn’t have had time to … sit back, relax and be with those who I love.” In October 2020, Brandon signed a deal with the United Talent Agency to represent him on all fronts.

Moreover, the loving father who wanted to let go of his 9-5 job in order to devote more time to his daughter was finally able to do so with his AGT winnings. Brandon left his high school teaching and college job, and in turn, started putting more effort into furthering his spoken word poem career. In the same year, Brandon also took on work as a producing partner with the Team Harmony Foundation on a monthly web series on “hate” that he was co-producing.

Titled ‘Hate: What are you going to do?,’ the series premiered on October 21, 2020, and is still ongoing, with the latest episode dropping on May 28, 2021. Speaking about the series, Brandon said, “We here are raising our voices to stand up against all forms of hate, but most importantly, to show the world exactly what love can actually look like” In November, Brandon passed another milestone when he got recognized by the House of Representatives. However, throughout his busy schedule and other commitments, Brandon kept appearing for various shows, further increasing his fan following.

In early March 2021, Brandon and his family held a gender reveal through which they announced that he and his wife would soon become parents to a baby boy. In the same month, reports claimed that Brandon Leake was looking for actors to make a short film that would be shot in Stockton. Though not much is known about the film, Brandon has mentioned that it would mirror the relationship black people share with the Christian church.

With so much on his plate, it seems that Brandon Leake has his hands full as of the present. However, the poet has still kept up his tradition of holding training workshops, including one called “Dreamerz,” which he announced in May 2021. Brandon Leake is truly inspirational as a person, and his performances leave us awestruck and touched. We would like to wish this outstanding personality all the best in his personal and professional life as we eagerly wait to get entranced by his upcoming projects.

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