Where is Carol McAfee Now?

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There’s no denying that Pamela “Pam” Hupp often found herself in bizarre situations where a blend of her lies and behavior essentially ensured that she came under criminal suspicion. However, as chronicled in ‘The Thing About Pam,’ it was her alleged 2016 efforts to divert attention from herself in relation to the 2011 murder of Betsy Faria that brought things together. After all, that’s when Pam slew Louis Gumpenberger in a supposed attempt to frame Russ Faria, but only after failing to deceive Carol McAfee for the same outcome. So now, if you wish to find out more about the latter, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Carol McAfee?

As someone who played a key role in bringing Pam Hupp’s actions to light with her boldness, Carol McAfee (also known as Carol Alford) has actually been deemed a firecracker by the officials. She has the mentality of “you only die once” after beating cancer twice — cervical in her 20s and breast in her 30s — which is why she got into the now-convicted felon’s car despite knowing something was wrong.

Image Credit: FOX 2 News

The truth is that Carol was not only intrigued by the entire situation, but she’d also noticed a few children in the area, making her decide if Pam intended to hurt somebody, she’d try her best for it not to be a kid. Posing as a ‘Dateline’ producer, Pam had approached Carol with a $1,000 offer to vocally reenact a 911 call before asking her not to bring along any personal belongings stating the “producers don’t like clutter.”

Nonetheless, aware of the circumstances, as indicated in the NBC original, Carol pocketed her phone as well as two knives and then climbed into the vehicle to learn more about what was going on. Carol ultimately told Pam she needed to return to her trailer park home as she forgot to lock the doors, later claiming that she couldn’t do the taping because her son fell ill — her surveillance camera captured most of this encounter.

Where is Carol McAfee Now?

Upon being left alone following a bit of back and forth with Pam, Carol McAfee alerted her neighbors, the park manager, and the police, leading to the theory that Pam’s plan was to kill to frame Russ Faria. The ensuing official process is how Carol first connected with Russ, which eventually evolved into a beautiful relationship that now stands at them being engaged. In short, still based in Missouri, Carol and Russ are currently planning for not just a future but a life together, surrounded by friends, family, and loving pets. She even stands by him in his quest for justice for his late wife, Betsy.

“When she was murdered, that was his wife,” Carol once stated. “That doesn’t stop because she was murdered. I know part of his heart is always going to be with her. I have to respect that because if he didn’t still love her, if he didn’t still think about her, if he didn’t miss her, I’d have to question his integrity, And if I wasn’t OK with that, I’d have to question my own.” That’s why Carol is often seen sitting beside her partner during the court proceedings against Pam in connection to Betsy’s case.

With that said, it’s evident that the couple is trying their best to move on as well. “God put [Pam Hupp] in my path for a reason. Maybe it wasn’t just to stop her,” Carol said, implying that the felon is the reason the couple was able to find true love.

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