CBS’ East New York: Where Was the TV Show Filmed?

Image Credit: Peter Kramer/CBS

Created by William Finkelstein and Mike Flynn, CBS’ ‘East New York’ is a police procedural drama series that follows the members of the 74th precinct in East New York, Brooklyn. Deputy Inspector Regina Haywood was recently promoted to head the division and hopes to unify her officers and detectives in providing a safe environment for the community. However, not everyone seems happy with her sudden rise up the ladder or the unorthodox methods she brings to the table.

Thus, Regina must fight all stereotypes and apprehension thrown her way while ensuring that the 74th precinct functions smoothly in protecting Brooklyn residents from crime. Apart from the stellar cast performances and gripping drama, the realistic cityscape where the story takes place catches the viewers’ attention. Naturally, it makes one wonder if ‘East New York’ is shot on location in Brooklyn.

East New York Filming Locations

‘East New York’ is entirely filmed in New York, specifically in New York City. Principal photography for the inaugural iteration of the police drama seemingly commenced in the summer of 2022. Since the narrative centers around the Big Apple, it makes sense for the makers to choose it as the shooting location. Now, without further ado, let’s follow Regina and her team onto the streets where they tackle crime!

New York City, New York

‘East New York’ is primarily lensed in New York City, the most populous metropolis in the United States. The cast and crew of the CBS show tape all the scenes on location in the Brooklyn borough, traveling across various streets and neighborhoods. Although, the scenes depicting the interiors of the 74th precinct office are likely recorded in a studio setup.

Actress Amanda Warren, who essays Regina Haywood in the show, shared her experience filming in the Big Apple in a September 2022 interview. She stated, “What’s so great about filming here is that we’re in East New York, and then around it, you really get the sense of what the community’s like. There are really beautiful people here, really beautiful parks and recreation, and activities to do. And we want to highlight that on the program.”

New York City is a highly popular production destination, and many other TV shows like ‘Severance,’ ‘Only Murders in the Building,’ ‘Law & Order,’ and ‘Succession.’ Atop the Hudson River, New York City comprises the five boroughs of Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island. It is a global center for finance, economy, art, culture, education, fashion, tourism, and technology. The city also boasts of some iconic tourist attractions, like Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Times Square, to name a few.

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