Where is Dylan Eaton Now?

Netflix’s ‘Heist: Sex Magick Money Murder’ examines the intriguing tale of Heather Tallchief and Roberto Solis, a couple who stole $3.1 million in the form of a Loomis armored carrier and practically got away with it until the former turned herself in 12 years later. On that fateful October day in 1993, 21-year-old Heather drove off with the vehicle after gaining unsupervised access to it as a guard. She has since claimed that Roberto, two decades her senior, had masterminded the plan, and she surrendered in 2005 only because she wanted a relatively ordinary life for their son.

Who is Dylan Eaton?

Heather Tallchief found out that she was expecting a child with Roberto a few months into being a fugitive, and soon, they decided to migrate to the Netherlands, where extradition to the States was not entirely in law at the time. Once in Amsterdam, she gave birth to their son, whose original birth certificate does not include a father’s name. Instead, it only deemed him to be Emilio Martin, son of Toni Martin. However, when Heather and Roberto parted ways for good, she changed her son’s name to Dylan to match his fake British passport and her new identity as Donna Marie Eaton.

As Donna, Heather found the means to establish herself in the community and even found a partner with whom she seemed happy. This man became her true companion and Dylan’s father for all intents and purposes. To this day, as per the show, her son not only remembered growing up in a warm and loving home but also recalled his mother’s distant gazes, her odd remarks, and his parents’ arguments, which were rare but severe. Dylan now realizes that they were all connected to Heather’s past in one way or the other, and though it was hard for him to comprehend it then, he understands now.

Where is Dylan Eaton Now?

When Heather Tallchief chose to surrender, she made her intentions clear; she was tired of running from who she was and needed Dylan to have U.S. citizenship and an average yet positive life with his whole family, including maternal relatives. Except, he has since affirmed that he never thought his life was anything but ordinary as he always had a stable home and a good environment, that is until his mother revealed the entire truth. “It was a slow realization that my life wasn’t really what it seemed,” Dylan said. “The feeling of having an uncertain ground beneath me.”

In the mid-2000s, when the time came, Dylan’s coping mechanism was to not think about being away from his mother for a long while, mainly because he did not understand the reason behind it. At 11-years-old, he found out that he had an entirely different group of people he was related to, which he said was also quite strange but not bad. In his 20s now, Dylan has grown accustomed to having American roots, is close with his family, and even talks to his mother every day. Nothing can ever come between their bond. As for his profession, the college graduate works as a producer and YouTuber targetting the music industry.

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