Where Is Free City In Free Guy? Is Soonami Studios In Free City?

Shawn Levy of ‘Night at the Museum’ franchise fame reared action-adventure comedy movie ‘Free Guy.’ With Ryan Reynolds at the helm of the ensemble cast, the movie packs a mind-boggling romance and wall-to-wall action to entice genre fans. The story follows Guy, an inhabitant of the violent world of Free City, in his quest to find the girl of his dreams. However, little does Guy know that his life may have been a lie. The movie immerses the fans in the sprawling journey with a bonkers premise where ‘The Truman Show’ meets ‘They Live.’ However, you may have wondered where this Free City is. Also, is Soonami Studios a part of Free City? Let us find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Where Is Free City?

The movie takes us to the wonderland of Free City, which looks pretty bleak at a second glance. Free City is a place where shops and banks get robbed every day, and people die over and over again, in a loop. The city inhabitants are Guy, the hero of the story, his security guard friend Buddy, a woman whose catchphrase is ‘You’re so hot,’ and a barista who does not know how to make anything other than medium coffee with cream and two sugars.

Our Guy is a typical blue-collar worker who has only blue shirts in his wardrobe. He works at a bank where every day is ‘Today.’ Robbers loot the bank at regular intervals. You wonder where the city is from the beginning of the movie, although you may get an answer later in the story. As it happens, Free City does not exist in the real world. It is a virtual city and the primary setting of an open-world game. Thus, Soonami Studios’ CEO Antwan can change the city at his will since he is the creator of the game. However, he is not the actual creator – as his employee Keys wrote the game’s code with his romantic interest, Millie.

Where Is Soonami Studios? Is It In Free City?

Apart from the virtual world of Free City, parts of the movie unfold in Soonami Studios. You must have wondered whether the studio is in the city. It may get a little confusing, but the town is instead in the studio – or mainly, in a server room in the studio. Soonami Studios published the game ‘Free City,’ tweaking the original code of ‘Life Itself,’ which Millie and Keys created together. The game went viral, but Keys and Millie did not get their due credits. Thus, in the present timeline, Millie strives to find the source code in the game or anything that would help her win the lawsuit against Soonami Studios.

With some help from Guy, Millie succeeds in her quest. When Antwan kicks Millie out of the game, rebooting the players’ progress, Guy returns to his ordinary life. However, Guy’s memory comes back when Millie kisses him, and he remembers everything about their past encounter. With the newfound spirit, he single-handedly retrieves the video from epic-level player Revenjamin Buttons’ stash house. Guy has seen the image of the lost world of ‘Life Itself’ in the reflection of his window – and Millie deduces that they can reach the source code if Guy crosses the horizon. Keys builds a bridge for Guy to make the journey. Antwan heads to the server room to destroy the city when all else fails. He almost wrecks the room, but AI Guy still manages to break through to the other side.

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