Where is Game On Filmed?

Game shows can prove to be incredibly fun to watch. While game shows that require contestants to put in mental effort can certainly be entertaining too, they often become too intense for a casual watch. ‘Game On!’ is another entrant in the long list of quiz-based panel game shows that require contestants to engage in various challenges for a prize at the end. However, the show is a sports-based comedy game show from CBS. Hence, it is guaranteed to be funny throughout since comedy is in its very genre.

‘Game On!’ is the American adaptation of the British game show, ‘A League of Their Own.’ The show’s format is simple: two teams of three are made to compete against each other in a series of rounds that test the contestants’ sports knowledge. The first round sees the teams being asked to rank three sportsmen based on certain criteria. Apart from that, In the subsequent round, a sportsperson asks the teams a question himself. This sportsperson asks the team a question about their own sport. Lastly, the third round is when things get spiced up. This is when the teams are also asked to participate in a physical challenge. Then, they are allowed to answer a question only if their team member manages to pass the physical challenge.

‘Game On!’ is hosted by the actor and comedian, Keegan-Michael Key. Key is best known for playing the titular character on the sketch comedy series, ‘Key & Peele.’ Apart from that, he has appeared in a host of other productions like ‘Parks and Recreation‘ and ‘Friends From College.’

Apart from that, the tennis star, Venus Williams, is also a part of the show, along with the NFL star Rob Gronkowski. Moreover, the comedians, Bobby Lee and Ian Karmel, also feature on the show. Lee and Karmel are seen captaining the two teams.

Game On! Filming Locations

Like all game shows, ‘Game On!’ entirely takes place on a set. The show never leaves the confines of the set. Thet set is indeed decked up quite well so that it does not end up feeling monotonous over the course of multiple episodes. Hence, it is natural for viewers to wonder where the show’s set is located.

CBS Studio Center, Studio City

Unfortunately, information regarding the filming locations of ‘Game On!’ has been scarce. Hence, we have not been able to find a reliable source which can confirm where the game show was filmed. However, most CBS shows are filmed at CBS Studio Center on 4024 Radford Avenue in Studio City, California. For instance, ‘The Price is Right’ has been filmed at CBS Studio Center. Hence, ‘Game On!,’ in all likelihood, has been filmed at CBS Studio Center.

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