Hollywood: Love Village Contestant Prefers to Live a Low-Key Life Now

If you believe that love can blossom anywhere, then Netflix’s ‘Love Village‘ might just be the show for you. The various singles featured in the show are determined to find forever matches in an environment that is free of any outside interference. As they learn how to live a minimalistic life and breathe fresh air into their new home, the cast members get to know each other on a much deeper level. For some, the experiment might bear the fruit they wanted, but not everyone is so lucky. Consider Hollywood from season 1, who made a bold move but ultimately had to leave the show. His presence in the experiment did earn him many fans, with people eager to know what he is up to these days.

Hollywood’s Love Village Journey

Entering the Japanese dating show, Hollywood was determined to find a partner for himself. He shared how he worked as an actor and was married once. However, as the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, his work started to dwindle. Furthermore, his wife left him, and he became single at the age of 50. Despite the struggles in his life, Hollywood remained determined not to stay away from a love match and looked forward to getting to know his fellow participants.

Shortly after entering the house with other cast members, Hollywood formed a connection with Yukiemon. The two would often talk to each other for a long time, and the latter even confessed that she admired many things about him. In fact, Hollywood had been noticed by many of the female participants due to his zeal towards learning new things and dedicating himself to work. This certainly pleased Hollywood, and he became even more enamored with Yukiemon.

However, the next few days did not reflect well on Hollywood. His suggestive comments to Yukiemon were not received well by hosts Atsushi Tamura and Becky. Furthermore, he got into a fight with Johnny over his use of sleeping pills, as the actor believed that a psychologist should not be taking medications in order to sleep. Hollywood stated that he would not budge from his stance and was ready to leave the house if others wanted it so. However, people were vehemently against the idea, and Johnny himself stated that he admired and cared for the actor and wanted him to stay.

For Hollywood’s birthday, Yukiemon and Johnny arranged a surprise bash, which made him heavily emotional. Treasuring the birthday g9ft that he had been given, the actor grew even more resolved regarding his feelings for Yukiemon. The next day, he rang the love bell and confessed his feelings for her. Despite the long talk that the two had, she ultimately chose not to leave the house with Hollywood, though he did wish her the best for her future in the show.

Where is Hollywood Now?

Thanks to his time on the show, Hollywood has gained many fans across the world. Though the reality TV star does not have a big presence on social media, his admirers have been quite happy to share their thoughts regarding him on the internet. Though his attempt to find a love match through the Netflix show failed, it does not seem like he has given up hope on love. Many of his fellow cast members formed strong bonds with the actor and missed him after he left the experiment. We wish him the very best for the future and hope that his career continues to grow further.

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