Where is Jason Henza Now? The Anarchists Update

With HBO’s ‘The Anarchists’ exploring the messy yet fascinating saga of a failed experiment to push forward the free society movement, the dark side of humanity is coming to light as well. After all, this six-part original documentary series delves deep into the series of unexpected, bizarre, and deadly events that ultimately became the downfall of the anarcho-capitalism community in Acapulco, Mexico. So now, if you wish to learn more about Jason Henza in particular, especially since his direct ideology turned his entire world upside down in every way imaginable, we’ve got the details for you.

Who is Jason Henza?

Jason Henza was residing in Chicago, Illinois, alongside his wife when he realized he wished to have true freedom by not always being answerable to the government or the banking systems. He then came across fugitive-anarchists John Galton and Lily Forester on Steemit, whose story inspired him to such an extent he convinced his partner to take a month-long trip to Acapulco. He actually paid for their travel himself by emptying his life savings upon her urging because she was not only uninterested in the anarchy concept but also hated hot weather, just for it to backfire.

Within three days of the Henzas’ return to Illinois following Anarchapulco 2017, Jason’s wife asked for a divorce as she’d found a connection with somebody else during their time in Mexico. He actually didn’t know his ex-partner was moving down there to be with her boyfriend for good until he decided to relocate as well, but he has always maintained his intentions were different. Acapulco, he explained in the docu-series, had felt right to him; it had felt like he was finally amongst his people and his community, so he wanted to be an active part of it as quickly as possible.

In the beach town, Jason grew closer to couple John and Lily while also dealing with his undeniable heartbreak before somehow finding himself in a “bro-y” connection with US Army vet Paul Propert. Little did he know at the time, though, that the latter’s personal issues would create uncomfortable situations for him, eventually leading to him pushing Paul away and finding solace with the former duo. As if that’s not enough, Jason was brutally shot three times when masked gunmen stormed the couple’s home on February 1, 2019 — an incident that killed John on the spot.

Where is Jason Henza Now?

Jason was able to recover from his injuries following expensive medical help (due to concerns it was a cartel hit, per the show), and it appears as if he has since moved on to the best of his abilities. From what we can tell, the Mexican resident continues to speak up about his wild past ordeals, yet he actually now identifies as a voluntaryist rather than an anarcho-capitalist (or an-cap). Furthermore, it’s imperative to mention that it seems like the tenacious positive-anarchy supporter, animal lover, and crypto-enthusiast is making a good life for himself at the moment.

Jason recently tweeted, “I just met a person very interested in #Bitcoin. So far, I’ve gotten 13 businesses here to accept inflation resistant currency. It’s a step in the right direction, IMO. Maybe this is business 14 🙃.” The dog dad and freight mover still has his good days and bad days, per his social media presence, but he definitely focuses more on the former to ensure a sense of stability as well as happiness within himself.

“Probably for the 1st time since [i’ve] identified as a [voluntaryist], I’m going to need a little emotional support & compassion,” Jason wrote on Facebook before the premiere of ‘The Anarchists’ episode 2. “You guys are about to see some very messy footage. I’m sorry if it is uncomfortable. I’ve made many mistakes & owned up for them. I have let the past go in the name of peace for myself & my friends. I have no idea how it is going to go being exposed like this. Knowing the world as it sits, it will [be] pretty cruel.”

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