Libby Hunsdale: Where is the Down for Love Participant Now?

Seeking a chance at love, Netflix’s ‘Down for Love’ follows six singles with Down syndrome on the hunt for a partner. The dating reality series chronicles the lives of individuals yet to find their happily ever after. As individuals try to find their partner, they go on several dates and relish the wondrous aspects of getting to know someone. One of the people who became the center of focus on the reality television show was Libby Hunsdale.

Who is Libby Hunsdale?

Despite an endearing personality, Libby’s childhood wasn’t a garden of roses. With her father out of the picture and a mother that passed away quite early, the reality star had a lot of wounds underneath her bright demeanor. When she was only two, Libby’s mother, Kim, was diagnosed with brain cancer. After over a decade of painful seizures, she lost her mother one night unexpectedly.

Since then, Libby’s grandmother Barbara Andrews has taken the reigns of her care and upbringing. Along with her uncle Shaun and loved ones, the Wanganui-based reality star created several milestones as a young woman approaching her 20s. Apart from experiencing new things with her family, Libby grew up studying at the Wanaganui Girls’ College. She has also taken a hospitality training course at Training 4 You. From a young age, Libby’s interests varied immensely. Staying faithful to her mother’s teachings, she tried to achieve a plethora of opportunities and not limit herself due to the opinion of others.

Naturally, the star has also tried to motivate and inspire people to be true to themselves in different ways. Over the years, Libby pursued a career in modeling and appeared in various campaigns, and modeled for several brands. The reality star’s interest in entertainment also propelled her to embark on new paths.

In 2021, Libby starred in director Linda Niccol’s ‘Poppy,’ a feature film that revolves around a 19-year-old girl with Down Syndrome who navigates her social and romantic life through high school. The budding star also accrued international renown and acclaim for her role in the film and received the Best Actress Award at the SR Socially Relevant Film Festival in New York.

Libby Hunsdale Continues to be a Digital Creator

Apart from starring in a movie, Libby is equally talented behind the cameras as well. She has worked backstage at the Wanganui Repertory Theatre, helping with make-up and costumes. When she is not working to expand her career in entertainment, the reality star spends her time working as a digital creator. Furthermore, Libby is an influencer for Project Employ, a disability service organization that helps people with intellectual disabilities find the right job.

In addition to expanding her booming career, Libby is an advocate for intellectual disabilities. As the First Kiwi actress with Down syndrome to gain national and international renown, she continues to explore all avenues of success. On the personal front, Libby is currently single and not dating anyone. Despite appearing on the Netflix docu-series and hoping to find love, the reality star eventually struck out. While her initial dates with Josh were successful, she didn’t feel the same connection as he did.

Ultimately, Libby came out to her grandmother during the show and also hoped to find a connection with a woman. Consequently, she met Meimi, an Italian and Maori woman with Williams syndrome. Unfortunately, Libby failed to find the connection she had hoped to discover. Nevertheless, she is still steadfast in her resolve to find the one for her. Naturally, we continue to await the professional and personal milestones Libby Hunsdale achieves in the future!

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