Malia White: Below Deck Star is Now an Officer of the Watch

Bravo’s ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ is a reality series that is a spinoff of the highly popular ‘Below Deck.’ The show features various crew members whose lives as employees of some of the most luxurious superyachts are quite entertaining. The lives and tales of the people within the show often help them gain admirers worldwide. The same holds for Malia White, who quickly captured the public’s attention thanks to her charming personality. Naturally, her fans are eager to explore what the reality TV star is up to these days.

Malia White’s Below Deck Journey

Malia White first appeared on-screen in the Bravo series during season 2. As a Deckhand for Sirocco, this was her first time on a superyacht and as a reality TV cast member. However, Malia was determined not to let the new setting change her determination to rise through the ranks and become a Captain herself. Toward the end of the second installment of the series, viewers saw her getting promoted to the position of Lead Deckhand. Moreover, Malia’s on-screen romance with Wesley Walton made her one of the fan favorites from the show.

Malia was not a part of the cast for the following two iterations of the Bravo series but made a comeback in season 5 as the Bosun of The Wellington. Yet, her time as a crew member was far from smooth. After discovering that Chief Stewardess Hannah Ferrier had brought valium on board, the Bosun decided to share the information with Captain Sandra “Sandy” Yawn. This led to Hannah being evicted from the crew. Besides, the season was notable for Malia’s romance with Chef Tom Checketts.

Season 6 saw Malia as the Bosun for Lady Michelle, where she got romantically involved with Engineer Jake Baker. The reality TV star did not return to the show for the next season. One of the primary reasons behind her absence from season 7 seems to be a terrible scooter accident in which the Bosun found herself. Additionally, Malis wanted to focus on her studies and career more. Nevertheless, the crewmate retains a massive fan following who is always eager to see more of Malia professionally.

Where is Malia White Now?

It seems Malia is well on her way to becoming one of the top dogs in the superyacht industry. In January 2023, she revealed that she had officially become an Officer of the Watch. To achieve this, the reality TV star had to undergo hours of studies and preparation, but the result certainly seems to have brought a smile to her face. Malia also holds a 200-ton Captain’s License and is a certified dive master.

With an immense love for the sea, Malia enjoys the serenity of water even when not working. Besides, her podcast, ‘Total Ship Show,’ features stories from the sea and other fascinating marine topics. Given her work, it is no wonder that Malia has traveled to some of the most beautiful places worldwide and often shares photographs via her social media.

As for her romantic life, Malia does not seem to be actively dating anyone as of writing. Her three on-screen relationships started and ended on the specific boats though it does seem like she might be done with “boatmances.” The reality TV star enjoys skiing and can often be found in the company of her friends and family, who are always eager to cheer her on. In fact, her big brother, Arin White, seems to be as much of an adventurer and sea lover as Malia herself.

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