Where Is Nahshon Wright Today?

In the fifth season of ‘Last Chance U,‘ a documentary series about the importance and intensity of junior college football, the struggles of the athletes and the significance of a caring yet domineering coach is captured quite tremendously. Looking at the football program at Laney College in Oakland, California, – a city where many players can’t afford to live thanks to its ongoing gentrification – the season sheds a light on Coach John Beam, who has been a fixture in the community and Oakland football for more than 40 years.

We saw that, by being the head coach of a commuter college, he has produced some amazing players, some of whom have even gone on to play in the NFL. But, the one success story that we got to see, via Rejzohn Wright, was that of his brother, Nahshon, who, with the help of Coach Beam and Laney, was able to transfer out in just a year.

Who Is Nahshon Wright?

Even as a skinny 6’4″ 184 lbs player, Nahshon Wright is a beast on the field. The James Logan High School graduate is a native of East Palo Alto, California, and has been playing the game since his high school days. Even though he was considered to be one of the best Cornerbacks in the state, he couldn’t get into a Division 1 or even a Division 2 program at that point, and thus, he ended up enrolling at Laney College, with Rejzohn. Coach Beam used to call the Wright brothers “Stick and Pole” because of their lanky stature, but it didn’t mean that they weren’t powerful or skilled. They were, and they proved it, over and over again.

Of course, their family life and personal issues did cause problems, but they didn’t let adversity get in the way of success. Nahshon, before he transferred out, was the one who used to make the drive from their home in Stockton to Oakland just to get to his classes and practice on time. Waking up early, driving, studying, practicing, driving back, and sleeping – that was the routine he followed. The loss of his father in 2017 was also one that weighed on him, but he used that as motivation to do better instead. In his first and only year at Laney, in 2018, he did so well that he got a lot of offers, but, he ultimately signed with Oregon State University.


Where Is Nahshon Wright Now?

Nahshon Wright is still at Oregon State. When the college updated their roster for the spring season of 2020, Nahshon was mentioned on it as a Junior who made it on the team as a Defensive Back. His number now for the Oregon State Beavers Football Team is 21. In the 2019 season, he accumulated a total of 34 tackles; 26 solos and 8 assists, and had 3 interceptions. So, of course, he had to get picked again. And now, whenever the sports industry will start again and things will go back to relative normalcy, he would get the opportunity to play with his brother on the same team.

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