Nam Koung-jin: Wrestler From Physical 100 is Thriving in Life Now

It is hard not to like a show like Netflix’s ‘Physical: 100‘ when its premise keeps you hooked throughout. Despite its heavy emphasis on fitness, the Korean reality series has something for everyone to enjoy. Needless to say, the show and those featured in it have gained much love from the audience. For people like Nam Koung-jin, the competition provided a chance to prove himself but those within the field of wrestling. Despite the tough decision he had to make while on the show, the reality TV star’s performance helped him gain numerous admirers, who could not help but be eager to learn more about him. If you are in the same boat and are curious about Nam’s current whereabouts, we have your back!

Who is Nam Koung-jin?

Born on August 25, 1988, Nam Koung-jin is a South Korean wrestler who has represented his country in various international events. In fact, the sportsman has been competing in the field of wrestling since 2003, and he even took part in the 2005 Asian Championship in the Freestyle category for the Cadets age group. Presently, Nam weighs 125 kg and continues to be a Freestyle wrestler within the Seniors age category.

While the reality TV star has performed impressively in many events, his results in some of the tournaments have brought much joy to him and his country. During the 2014 Asian Games held in his home country, Nam earned a bronze model. He continued the trend in the 2018 Asian Games, hosted by Indonesia, and bagged the third position. In fact, he was also the second runner-up during the 2020 Asian Championships in India. Nam has also participated in the 2017 and 2018 World Championships, coming 11th and 19th in the respective tournaments.

Given Nam’s impressive track record as a wrestler, his presence in the Netflix series wowed many. In fact, he went to clear the pre-quest and first quest of the competition with relative ease. For the second quest, the time came for the participants to choose 10 leaders among themselves, and Nam ended up being the second most popular option. This meant that he had his pick of teammates and opponents. While Nam was not eager to go against his fellow wrestler, Jang Eun-sil, he ended up selecting her team as the opponent based on the wants and interests of his team.

Where is Nam Koung-jin Now?

Presently, Nam seems to be thriving in his life as a wrestler and reality TV star. Apart from maintaining his skills within his chosen field of sports, Nam has also utilized his social media following to actively promote the Netflix series. Not only has the international sportsman been complimentary towards the series, but he has also expressed much admiration toward his competitors. This includes Jang Eun-sil, whom he had to face in the second quest. In fact, Nam posted a video in December 2022(see below) where he and Jang are working out together. From what we can gather, the two often train with each other and have an amicable bond.

Apart from maintaining his physique and participating in various tournaments, Nam also likes to create content for his fans on the internet. His Youtube channel, which has more than 11 thousand subscribers as of writing, has videos related to Nam’s fitness routine as well as his time as a wrestler. It seems that Nam also enjoys wall climbing and fishing. In fact, the latter activity seems to be something that the reality TV star enjoys with his friends, and he often shares pictures of the biggest catches on Instagram, which has over 22 thousand followers.

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