Where is Netflix’s Copycat Killer Filmed?

Based on the popular crime mystery novel ‘Mohohan’ by Miyuki Miyabe, Netflix’s ‘Copycat Killer’ is a Taiwanese crime thriller drama series that revolves around a serial killer. He makes the most of the attention he receives from the press, police, and their victims by turning their murders into a national spectacle for everyone to see and talk about. To end the gruesome murders, a determined prosecutor named Guo Xiaoqi takes the case into his own hands and attempts to bring justice to the media-savvy serial killer.

As Guo dips his toes deeper and deeper into the case, he realizes that things are not exactly what they seem on the surface. In the meantime, the killer is on the loose, still making a regular mockery of law and justice as he aims to cause gory chaos in society. The crime show features a star-studded ensemble comprising Wu Kang-ren, Alice Ko, Ruby Lin, Tuo Tsung-hua, Yao Chun-yao, and Fandy Fan. The dark and gory visuals of the crime scene and corpses set against the backdrop of ’90s Taipei fit well with the show’s themes and subject matter. So, if you want to know where ‘Copycat Killer’ is filmed, let’s hunt down all the places, shall we?

Copycat Killer Filming Locations

‘Copycat Killer’ is filmed entirely in Taiwan, particularly in and around Taipei City. Principal photography for the debut season of the serial killer show reportedly commenced in early 2022 and wrapped up in March of the same year. Now, without wasting much time, allow us to fill you in on all the details regarding the specific locations that appear in the Netflix series!

Taipei City, Taiwan

The production team of ‘Copycat Killer’ not just sets up camp in Taipei City but also redecorates various streets and locales according to the 1990s-based narrative. Situated in Northern Taiwan, the city is known to be the country’s economic, cultural, educational, and political center and is not much associated with crime. Surprisingly, things were different back in the day, and that’s what the crime series manages to portray through its graphic and bold visuals in the narrative.

About choosing Taipei as the primary setting and location for ‘Copycat Killer,’ the producer Hank Tseng shared in a statement, “The late nineties in Taiwan was an era of disintegrating social values, where truths and lies were muddled, and mass media was on a high. Through this series, I hope to convey the simple principle that justice is irreplaceable.”

The filming unit supposedly travels across the city to lens different sequences against suitable backdrops for the show, which means you are bound to spot some well-known landmarks and sites here and there throughout the series. After all, Taipei City is home to numerous world-famous cultural and architectural landmarks, including Taipei 101, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Lungshan Temple of Manka, the National Palace Museum, and the Presidential Office Building.

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