Norfleet Stewart: Where is Sally McNeil’s Third Husband Now?

Sally McNeil, a former Marine and an amateur bodybuilder, was sent to prison in 1996 for killing her second husband, Ray McNeil, a year prior. On Netflix’s ‘Killer Sally,’ viewers learn more about the case, everything that led to Sally making the decision to pull the trigger, as well as its aftermath. Therefore, we know she attained her freedom back in 2020, following which she began rebuilding her life and met Norfleet Stewart in the process. So, if you’re wondering what happened and where he might be today, here’s what we know.

Who is Norfleet Stewart?

On February 14, 1995, Sally fired a shotgun twice at her then-husband, Ray McNeil. According to her, it was in self-defense because Ray had attacked her that night. During the ensuing trial, the defense claimed that he had been abusive and unfaithful throughout the years they were together. However, the prosecution pointed out her inconsistent statements and eventually garnered a second-degree murder conviction.

As a result, Sally spent about twenty-five years behind bars before being released on parole during the summer of 2020. She then moved into the Veterans Transition Center in California and picked up a job at a warehouse. She even attended a support group every Wednesday while at this rehabilitation shelter,  where she would share her prison experiences. It was in one of these meetings that Sally met Norfleet Stewart.

On the show, the convicted killer talked about how Norfleet wasn’t controlling and just let her be herself, which she genuinely appreciated. However, initially, she was still worried about being too impulsive and admitted she wanted to date for a while before taking the next step. While Norfleet quickly fell for Sally, his friends urged him to be cautious, reminding him of what she went to prison for. But none of it deterred him as he continued to stick by her side. She mentioned on the show that his friends were more nervous about him than she was.

Norfleet Stewart is Enjoying Her Life Today

Eventually, Sally didn’t shy away from conceding she felt she had a true future alongside Norfleet. She hoped to be third time lucky when she married him after more than a year of being together. John, Sally’s son from her first marriage, was the one to walk her down the aisle on the happy occasion. As for Norfleet’s current whereabouts, from what we can tell, he lives in California, where he’s enjoying his retirement with Sally. He is originally from Compton, California, and studied at Centennial High School, but later spent some time in Marina, California, as well. During Norfleet’s free time, he looks forward to the great outdoors and long drives.

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