Peggy Hook: Where is Sally McNeil’s Friend Now?

Netflix’s three-part docuseries titled ‘Killer Sally’ explores Ray McNeil’s murder on Valentine’s Day, 1995. He was shot by his then-wife, Sally McNeil, who claimed it was in self-defense because Ray had attacked and choked her in what was alleged to be a pattern in their relationship. During the trial, Sally’s defense claimed she was a battered woman, and her friend, Peggy Hook, testified to the alleged abuse. So, let’s find out more about Peggy then, shall we?

Who is Peggy Hook?

At the time of the incident, Sally lived with Ray and her two children from a previous relationship, John and Shantina, in Oceanside, California. She was good friends with Peggy Hook, and they often hung out together, just for her to be the only one she could confide in. In other words, it was apparently only during the investigation into Ray’s murder that Sally openly spoke of her husband being physically and sexually abusive. She claimed that Ray hit her multiple times, leaving her with black eyes and broken bones. On the show, she even added he forcefully had sex with her.

Peggy stated on the show that Sally never discussed the abuse with anyone and chose to keep things to herself. However, her friend did confide in her because she could clearly see the bruises, broken bones, and in one instance, an arm in a cast. She further mentioned she had urged Sally to leave Ray and get out of the toxic environment. But Sally seemed to be utterly in love with him, saying when he was nice, he was really nice to her.

Things finally came to a head on the night of February 14, 1995 — Valentine’s Day — after Ray came home late. His wife claimed that during an argument, he attacked her, leading her to head into their bedroom in fear for her life and grab the sawed-off shotgun they owned. After Sally shot him once, she said Ray came at her again, causing her to shoot him in the face. He later died at the hospital while Sally was taken into police custody.

Peggy Hook is Enjoying Her Retirement Today

On the show, Peggy said that Sally visited her after posting bail. During this time, the latter told her friend she had no choice but to pull the trigger. Peggy remembers that Sally claimed Ray knew she was going for the shotgun, yet it didn’t stop him from his attack. Therefore, the mother of two felt like she had to shoot him to keep herself and her children safe. Peggy testified regarding all this at Sally’s trial, but to no avail, as the proceedings ended with a guilty verdict in 1996. As for her whereabouts, from what we can tell, Peggy now lives in Cambridge City, Indiana, and is probably enjoying her retirement. It does seem like she and Sally reconnected since the latter is friends with Peggy’s son, who lives in California.

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