DJ Jeffers: What Happened to Ray McNeil’s Friend?

Netflix’s ‘Killer Sally’ chronicles how Ray McNeil, a pro bodybuilder, was shot in his Oceanside, California, apartment on February 14, 1995, by his wife, Sally McNeil. The show features interviews with people close to the case and aims to provide insight into what led to the murder. Dwayne “DJ” Jeffers, Ray’s best friend, is one of them, and he shines a light on Ray and Sally’s relationship.

Who is DJ Jeffers?

Dwayne “DJ” Jeffers first met Ray at the gym; the latter was the one to introduce him to the bodybuilding world. He actually remembers Ray as a kind and loving man, adding that most would describe him as a gentle giant. However, DJ also explained that his friend was quick to anger, and one had to be careful about how they approached him. To reiterate the same, he talking about one horrying incident from the time the duo worked as bouncers to make ends meet.

DJ stated that Ray got into an altercation with another man one night and ended up sticking his fingers through his eyes. According to him, the police never arrested his friend because they knew him even though that man went blind. Shantina, Sally’s daughter, spoke about the same night on the show; she recalled seeing Ray coming home covered in blood and how he told her he had to do what he did because the others were trying to kill him.

While DJ admitted that Ray was violent at times, he maintained he never saw him do anything physical to Sally. On the other hand, he claimed he’d once witnessed her push his friend back and, in another instance, beat up their mailman because he had said something about her children, John and Shantina. Though, Sally told officials Ray was physically abusive throughout their marriage and had often beaten and choked her, leaving her with injuries.

DJ then also opened up about how Ray had been dating another woman at the time and had decided to leave Sally for her. According to him, his friend actually planned to spend Valentine’s Day in 1995 with the other woman, not his wife. Ray apparently even told DJ he would tell Sally about ending their relationship, to which the latter seriously warned him about the shotgun in their house, saying she might shoot him. But he said Ray only laughed it off.

Where is DJ Jeffers Today?

On the show, DJ mentioned being at the McNeil home just before the murder. He said that Ray had asked him to meet there for a chat. However, his friend wasn’t there by the time he arrived shortly after 9 PM. He thus clearly remembers Sally acting differently while they waited for Ray and not wanting him to leave. Yet, DJ did leave to pick up dinner for himself, only to return to a chaotic scene involving the police. That’s how he learned Sally had shot Ray.

In the aftermath of it all, DJ blamed himself for a while because he didn’t stay. He believed that Sally and Ray should have just split up because their relationship was toxic. Since then, though, DJ has maintained a low profile and, from what we can tell, lives in Las Vegas, Nevada these days. He has been married to Melanie Jeffers since 1992. DJ studied at the University of Southern California and later worked at an exotic car dealership. However, it’s unclear what he currently does.

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