That ’90s Show: Where Was the Sitcom Filmed?

Image Credit: Patrick Wymore/Netflix

A spin-off of ‘That ’70s Show,’ Netflix’s ‘That ’90s Show’ is a period sitcom created by Bonnie Turner, Terry Turner, Gregg Mettler, and Lindsey Turner that is set in the summer of 1995, two decades after the events of the parent show. The narrative mainly focuses on Leia Forman, the teenage daughter of Eric Forman and Donna Pinciotti, who visits her grandparents, Red and Kitty, during the summer. She is introduced to other teenagers in Point Place during her stay and forms meaningful connections with them.

The comedy series features hilarious performances from many talented actors and actresses, including Callie Haverda, Ashley Aufderheide, Mace Coronel, and Maxwell Acee Donovan, with many guest appearances from stars of the original series, such as Topher Grace, Mila Kunis, and Ashton Kutcher. In addition, the resembling setting of the show is bound to make one curious to know all about its filming sites. If you wish to find out the details about the same, you might be interested in what we have to share!

That ’90s Show Filming Locations

‘That ’90s Show’ is filmed in California and seemingly in Wisconsin, including Los Angeles. As per reports, the principal photography for the inaugural iteration of the spin-off series commenced in early February 2022 and wrapped up in July of the same year. Now, without wasting time, let’s follow Leia and her new friends as they make themselves at home in her grandparents’ basement and get a detailed account of all the specific sites that feature in the Netflix show!

Los Angeles, California

Most of ‘That ’90s Show’ is lensed in Los Angeles, the largest city in California and the second most populous one in the United States. In particular, the production team utilizes the facilities of the Netflix headquarters at the Sunset Bronson Studios at 5800 Sunset Boulevard. Formerly known as KTLA Studios and Tribune Studios, the film studio was established in 1919 and is home to numerous sound stages ranging in size and production offices. All these amenities make it an ideal shooting site for different productions.

The filming unit of ‘That ’90s Show’ tries to retain many aspects of the original series, including the multi-cam format and several set pieces and settings that look almost the replica of the sets from the ‘That ’70s Show.’ Moreover, the scenes are recorded in front of a live audience. Over the years, Sunset Bronson Studios has hosted the production of various TV series, including ‘Hannah Montana,’ ‘Divorce Court,’ ‘Phenomenon,’ ‘and ‘Judge Judy.’

Situated in Southern California, Los Angeles is known for its posh neighborhood, beautiful beaches, ties to the Hollywood industry, and sprawling downtown area. The City of Angels consists of several attractions and places of interest, which pull millions of tourists to the city each year. Some notable landmarks are the Hollywood Sign, the Huntington Library, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the Museum of Contemporary Art.


A few portions of ‘That ’90s Show,’ especially exterior scenes, are seemingly taped in Wisconsin, the 20th most populous state in the United States. The state’s economy depends on several sectors, including agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, and film production. Wisconsin has been a prominent shooting location for many notable movies and TV projects, including ‘Bridesmaids,’ ‘Uncle Buck,’ ‘Back to School,’ and ‘Laverne & Shirley.’

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