Where is the Wrexham AFC Super Fan Wayne Jones Now?

With FX’s ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ exploring the journey of Wrexham AFC under the ownership of Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds, we get a complete insight into this sporting industry. After all, this original features not only their as well as the players’ first-hand accounts but also the response of volunteers and long-time supporters alike to really bring out the heart of the matter. Amongst them is Wayne Jones, who truly represents the essence of the community with his undeniable passion for the club — so now, if you wish to learn more about him, here’s what we know.

Who is Wayne Jones?

As a native of the quaint market town of Wrexham in Wales, the United Kingdom, Wayne Jones has backed the association club as well as the kinship it exemplifies since he was just a little kid. “When I was 11,” he once told The Leader, “…I wandered over the road — I got in [the Turf Hotel, a local pub] for the last 10 minutes of a night game and have been hooked [from that day forth].” This establishment is actually where the club was founded back in October 1984, and because it has always been a gathering place for fans on every game day, his family were regulars here.

In the FX original series, Wayne further detailed that he remembers “coming in this pub after the match, and [Wrexham] have won; the jukebox is blaring, people are singing, people are happy.” These innate emotions are part of why he decided to take over the Turf at 25, shortly after he’d returned from around three years of traveling to explore the world and the cultures it has to offer. The fact this iconic free house is located right outside the main entrance of the club’s home stadium, the Racecourse Ground (established 1807), is just a significantly massive plus for everybody.

Coming to the Turf Hotel’s owner’s view on the Hollywood takeover of Wrexham AFC, Wayne admitted to Sky Sports (during the early stages) that he believes it to be “a lifeline; we’ve hit the jackpot. People are in a really good mood. People are happy, joyous… People want to stop and talk to you. You know, in the years gone by, they’d stop and moan about the football being rubbish — although the football is not great at the moment and we’re still trying to find our feet, the overall vibe is that we’re on the way up. Like I say, I think Wrexham, we’ve hit the jackpot with [Rob and Ryan].”

Where is Wayne Jones Now?

From what we can tell, both Wayne’s and the Turf’s popularity has gone through the roof in the past year owing to the business this takeover has landed on his doorstep either directly or indirectly. This includes the production of ‘Welcome to Wrexham,’ the filming of a spoof ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia‘ trailer, as well as the national and international exposure they have granted him. However, despite these aspects, along with the fact he has genuinely conversed with the impressive, “really nice, down-to-earth” Rob and Ryan, he maintains he’s just a local who runs a pub.

We should mention Wayne recently signed a new 5-year deal with the public house, meaning he’s going to serve as the Turf Hotel’s owner until at least 2027 (totaling his years in charge to 19). “The overriding highlight of my time following the club, though, is the people,” the now-40-year-old has said. “They are my kind of people; hard-working, honest and have a deep love for the town and the team.” As for his personal life, seemingly living by the motto of “always put others before yourself,” according to his online presence, Wayne is not only happily married, but he’s also a proud father.

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