Hallmark’s Miracle in Bethlehem, PA: Filming Sites and Cast Revealed

‘Miracle in Bethlehem, PA,’ helmed by director Jeff Beesley, follows Mary Ann Brubeck, a successful lawyer and a self-reliant woman who has been praying for the chance to be an adoptive mother. Her prayers are answered just before Christmas as she gets a call from Bethlehem to adopt a baby girl. Journeying to Christmas City, Ann is overwhelmed to receive her bundle of joy but soon finds herself trapped in the town due to a snowstorm. The local inn is at complete occupancy, but the innkeeper suggests spending the night at her brother, Joe’s house, as he has a spare room. Joe is the model bachelor and warmly hosts the mother and newborn child.

When the weather refuses to improve in the following days, he introduces her to his family’s pre-Christmas celebrations, making her a part of the community. They share their insecurities and woes; Mary’s mother had raised her singlehandedly and would disapprove of her decision to go down the same path. Joe’s father had recently passed away, and he could not completely cope with the loss of his mentor and best friend. As Christmas approaches and the town begins its festivities, the two grow closer, leading Mary to believe that though she had asked for motherhood, God may have given her family. As we witness the heartwarming tale take place in the stunning winterscape of Bethlehem, you may wonder if the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries romance was filmed on location in Christmas City.

Where Was Miracle in Bethlehem, PA Filmed?

‘Miracle in Bethlehem, PA’ was filmed entirely in and around Winnipeg and La Broquerie in the Manitoba province, as opposed to actually being filmed in Bethlehem as per its narrative. The discrepancy was lightly teased by Bethlehem local filmmaker and actor Danny Roebuck, as he joked that he was beaten to making a holiday movie in Christmas City by Hallmark, and will now be making “Miracle in Winnipeg, Manitoba.”

Principal photography began sometime in early October 2023 and was wrapped up by October 22 of the same month. The cast members appear to be enjoying their time on set, playing around and posting pictures of their shenanigans. The film was made by DaySpring, a subsidiary of Hallmark known for its faith-based storytelling, making the parallel of Mary, Joe, and a barn, clear. Let us take a closer look at the filming locations chosen to lens this biblically inspired modern tale.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

The provincial capital city of Winnipeg and its surrounding regions were used for shooting a majority of the Hallmark Christmas movie. The production crew transformed their set into an enchanting winter wonderland, with its streets adorned in festive lights and bustling holiday markets, evoking a magical ambiance perfect for capturing the essence of Christmas on film. Winnipeg’s blend of urban vibrancy and natural beauty presents an opportunity for filmmakers to portray the warmth, joy, and festive cheer of the holiday season.

The city has thus become the backdrop for several Christmas movies over the years, including, ‘A Christmas Mission,’ ‘A Dream of Christmas,’ ‘On the 12th Date of Christmas,’ ‘Journey Back to Christmas,’ ‘Home Alone: The Holiday Heist,’ and ‘A Christmas in Tennessee.’

La Broquerie, Manitoba

The area around La Broquerie’s rural municipality gave the film crew access to picturesque locations used for scenes of Joe’s barn in ‘Miracle in Bethlehem, PA.’ The Rustic Wedding Barn on 39056 Laurencelle Lane, became a picture-perfect venue for the cast and crew to lens scenes of Christmas festivities, cheer, and romance around. With a classical wooden structure and breathtaking white interiors, the site is usually used for facilitating weddings and family events. For purposes of ‘Miracle in Bethlehem, PA,’ the structure became Joe’s house, which was also a very spacious barn.

Miracle in Bethlehem, PA Cast

Laura Vandervoort performs the lead role of Mary Ann Brubeck. Laura is a Toronto-born actress with genre-spanning experience. She is most well known for essaying Supergirl in ‘Smallville,’ Elena Michaels in ‘Bitten,’ Lisa in ‘V,’ and Megan in ‘A Christmas Together with You.’ Starring opposite her in the Christmas romance is Benjamin Ayres as Joe. You may have seen Benjamin essaying the characters Dr. Zachary Miller in ‘Saving Hope,’ Gavin Andrews in ‘Suits,’ Alan Christie in ‘Burden of Truth,’ and Blake in ‘Long Lost Christmas.’

Supporting cast members include Teryl Rothery as Goldie, Amy Groening as Frankie, Hallmark’s favorite old man John B. Lowe as Gerald, and Paul Essiembre as the Pastor. The production additionally features Kate Trotter as Hannah, Angela Narth as Grandma Myrtle, Lauren Cochrane as Gabriella, Braden Blair as Theodore, and Darcy Fehr as Shawn Shepherd.

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