Hallmark’s My Norwegian Holiday: Shooting Locations and Cast Details

A part of Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas, David Mackay helmed ‘My Norwegian Holiday,’ follows PhD student Jessica Johnson’s trip to Norway as she seeks to unveil the mystery behind a troll doll family heirloom. She is accompanied by skiing champion, Henrik, a Norwegian from Bergen who identified the doll as being from his hometown. Both Jessica and Henrik are struggling in their careers; she is looking for dissertation inspiration, while he has suffered an injury preventing him from skiing. Nevertheless, their worries melt away upon being warmly welcomed to the stunning city of Bergen by Henrik’s family.

Henrik and Jessica’s first evening is spent sharing merry laughter along with cultural idiosyncrasies over dinner. They are further drawn into the family’s Christmas traditions and wedding customs. Their search for the origins of the doll leads them to unexpected family secrets and a budding romance in the coastal city. The breathtaking backdrop of the film will leave you wanting to know where the movie was filmed and whether or not it was actually shot on location in Norway.

My Norwegian Holiday Filming Sites

Accurate to the movie’s narrative, ‘My Norwegian Holiday’ was filmed almost entirely in and around the Norwegian city of Bergen. Shooting on location was conducted in September 2023, meaning winter hadn’t completely begun in the region, but was simulated through the use of artificial snow. Let us take a closer look at the city and the locations used by the film crew.

Bergen, Norway

Enveloped by mountains and Fjords, Bergen sits on the southwestern coast of Norway. Much like most of Norway, the city is infamous for its high cost of living and year-round rain. Yet it would not be a stretch to call it one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Besides housing a world heritage site, the city has inspired and produced many prominent artists over the years. The character of Henrik being a professional skier is consistent with his hometown, as Bergen has multiple ski spots close to it, while snow covers the slopes for a staggering seven months from November to May.

The most iconic location in Bergen is the Bryggen Wharf, which is covered well in the Hallmark production. The wharf served as an important trading post in the past and is discernible by its bright, picturesque wooden houses. The harbor is lined with heritage commercial buildings and serves as a popular tourist attraction. The location was used by the film crew to lens cinematic landscape shots as well as scenes of Jessica and Henrik walking along it. Residents of the town were pleasantly surprised to find the area covered in false snow, Christmas lights, trees, and decorations.

The art gallery visited by our protagonists is the Salong Bryggen Gallery, located along the wharf. The establishment has a collection of a variety of sculptures, pottery, and paintings. The location is perfect, given the film’s storyline surrounding the troll doll sculpture. Aptly, it sells a range of beautiful Christmas decor and ornaments as well.

My Norwegian Holiday Cast

The Christmas TV movie is led by Rhiannon Fish as Jessica Johnson and David Elsendoorn as Henrik Strom. You may have seen Fish as the character of Ontari in the acclaimed TV series, ‘The 100.’ She is also recognized for her work as Lisa Jeffries in ‘Neighbours,’ Tenley in ‘A Love to Remember,’ and April Scott in ‘Home and Away.’ As for David, ‘My Norwegian Holiday’ is his first Hallmark movie. The Norwegian actor is widely known for his role as Jan Maas in the incredibly popular series ‘Ted Lasso.’

Apart from that, David also appears in ‘Flikken Maastricht’ as Timmy de Wit, ‘Single Street’ as Roderick, and ‘Turbulent Skies’ as Hans Plesman. The supporting cast members include Peter Vollebregt as Johan Strom, Conor Mullen as Anders, Deirdre Monaghan as Astrid Strom, Karen Connell as Nora Strom, Ian Lloyd Anderson as Marc, Francesca Europa as Mia, Magnús Blöndal Jóhannsson as Frederik, and Paul Tylak as Bill Chisholm.

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