Where Was The Heartbreak Agency Shot?

Loosely based on the agency known as Die Liebeskümmerer run by Elena-Katharina Sohn as well as her self-help book titled ‘Goodbye Heartache,’ the Shirel Peleg directorial, Netflix’s ‘The Heartbreak Agency,’ focuses on a young and skeptical journalist who embarks on a mission to prove that the charming founder of a lovesick agency is a fake. To write an article, he reluctantly enters heartbreak therapy in the agency to get inside details and have more things to write about.

But things turn out to be quite different as the journalist, who is set out to expose the agency and its founder, ends up breaking down his walls and opening up to his therapist. Originally titled ‘Die Liebeskümmerer,’ the German romantic comedy movie follows the lead characters in different sets of backdrops that are interesting enough to raise questions in the viewers’ minds about the actual shooting locations of ‘The Heartbreak Agency.’

The Heartbreak Agency Was Filmed Across Germany

‘The Heartbreak Agency’ was filmed in its entirety in different parts of Germany, especially in Berlin, Brandenburg, and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. According to reports, principal photography for the Shirel Peleg directorial got underway in October 2022 and wrapped up over a month later, in late November of the same year. So, let us take a closer look at all the specific sites that served as production locations for the Netflix film!

Berlin, Germany

The capital of Germany — Berlin — is where most of the pivotal sequences of ‘The Heartbreak Agency’ were lensed. From the looks of it, the production team made the most of its bustling streets and modern architecture by recording various establishing and exterior shots for the romantic movie. While they seem to have utilized a few actual establishments for the indoor scenes, it is also highly possible that they set up camp in one of the film studios situated in and around Berlin to shoot some important interior portions, such as Studio Babelsberg, BUFA – Berliner Union Film, and Middle East Mambo Filmstudio – Mietstudio Greenscreen Videostudio in Berlin & Filmproduktion.

Situated in northeastern Germany, Berlin is known to be one of the favorite shooting sites in Europe among filmmakers due to its generous funding opportunities as well as its strong and picturesque infrastructure. These features have been taken advantage of by many filmmakers in the past, such as for the production of ‘Role Play,’ ‘Mr. Nobody,’ ‘Knight of Cups,’ ‘The Constant Gardener,’ and ‘Never Look Away.’

Other Locations in Germany

For the purpose of shooting, the filming unit of ‘The Heartbreak Agency’ also traveled to other locations in Germany, including Brandenburg. Furthermore, the cast and crew members were spotted by locals in the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern taping various key scenes for the Rosalie Thomass starrer. For instance, the beach scenes in the film were supposedly recorded on one of the beaches situated in the state.

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