1670: Netflix Show is Majorly Filmed in an Open-Air Museum

Image Credit: Robert Paka/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘1670’ is a Polish satirical comedy series that takes us back to the 17th century in a village where a nobleman named Jan Adamczewski is in pursuit of becoming the most famous figure in the nation. However, his ambitious quest to reach the highest of heights is frequently hindered due to his responsibilities as a landowner which include being on the regional council, dealing with the peasants losing motivation to work, and more. Thanks to his progressive thinking though, he manages to get out of each situation and work on his goal. Featuring hilarious performances from Polish actors, including Bartłomiej Topa, Katarzyna Herman, and Martyna Byczkowska, the show takes place in the village of Adamczycha, making the viewers wonder where ‘1670’ is shot and if it is an actual place in real life.

1670 Filming Locations

‘1670’ was filmed in its entirety in Poland, especially in Subcarpathian Voivodeship and seemingly in Warsaw. As the search for actors and extras supposedly began in the fall of 2022, it is probable that the shooting for the inaugural iteration took place in the last few months of the same year. So, let’s head to the specific locations and find out how they are designed and utilized to film the Netflix series!

Subcarpathian Voivodeship, Poland

A majority of ‘1670’ is lensed in Subcarpathian Voivodeship, which is situated in the southeastern corner of Poland. In particular, the open-air museum called Park Etnograficzny Muzeum Kultury Ludowej w Kolbuszowej at Wolska 36 in the small town of Kolbuszowa is used to represent most of the exteriors of the village of Adamczycha where the story unfolds. Apart from the existing buildings, the production team reportedly builds and uses similarly new ones for the show.

Home to several charming villages from the time between the 19th and 20th centuries, the open-air museum sprawls across about 30 hectares and consists of cottages, cowsheds, henhouses, barns, horse mill, hay barrack, rural industry buildings like a watermill, windmills, oil mill, and also public buildings – a school, tavern, and fire station. Talking to Korso Kolbuszowskie, Michal Sikorski, who portrays Jakub, shared his favorite moments from the set.

Michal revealed, “The atmosphere that accompanied us on the set will certainly remain in my memory for a long time. The whole team was very close to each other. There were also people from Kolbuszowa, Rzeszów, and the surrounding area. There was a brilliant casting for the extras, it was a permanent crew with whom it was very good to work on the set, but we also had a nice time in the breaks between shots.”

Warsaw, Poland

It seems that a few portions of ‘1670’ are also taped in the capital of Poland — Warsaw. One of the film studios serves as a prominent filming site for the comedy series as several interior scenes are possibly recorded on a sound stage or two. Besides the period series, Warsaw has hosted the production of many movies and TV shows over the years, such as ‘Three Colors: White,’ ‘David and the Elves,’ ‘In for a Murder,’ ‘The Taming of the Shrewd,’ and ‘Sexify.’

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