Where Was A Christmas Proposal Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

With Martin Wood on the director’s seat, CBS’s festive-themed romance movie ‘A Christmas Proposal’ is a refreshing original holiday special. It is also one of the first original movies from the network in more than a decade. The film’s storyline follows an unlikely romance between a gourmet chef turned rideshare driver and a world-weary attorney. When Maria’s dream of a food truck disappears from the horizon, she takes up rideshare driving for some extra dough.

Maria picks up attorney Julian, and when people mistake her to be Julian’s girlfriend, the latter strikes a deal to impress his father. Maria has to fake being Julian’s girlfriend for the holidays, and Julian promises to gift her the dream food truck that she always wanted. Meanwhile, a splash of snow makes for a perfect cozy holiday season, and sparks begin to fly between Julian and Maria. However, you may seek to identify where the movie was filmed or be acquainted with the stars. If that is the case, allow us to reveal everything we know.

A Christmas Proposal Filming Locations

‘A Christmas Proposal’ was filmed in its entirety in Canada, especially in locations in and around British Columbia. Principal photography reportedly commenced at the end of May 2021 and was wrapped up by early June 2021. Around the time, other Christmas special productions also took hold of the city, and the province became quite festive with the decorations and the fake snow.

Due to British Columbia’s proximity to Hollywood and production facilities featuring skilled professionals and cutting-edge technology, it has made its presence felt in the global cinematic production map. Moreover, the provincial government boasts a hefty tax credit system to lessen the burden on producers. The temperate weather and the profitable currency exchange rates also become prominent factors in luring production crews into the region. Let us now take you to the specific locations where the cast and crew filmed the movie!

Vancouver, British Columbia

As the movie is set mostly outdoors, the director had to consider filming the scenes on the road. However, as snow can be scarce in June, they had to opt for some innovation in production. The cast and crew visited several popular locations in Vancouver, while other scenes were filmed in a studio. The cast and crew shot a few sequences in Rocky Mountaineer Vancouver Station, especially a driving sequence.

Situated at 1755 Cottrell Street in Vancouver, the Rocky Mountaineer Vancouver Station serves as the western terminus of the titular train service that connects Vancouver to Jasper, Banff, and Calgary. Another memorable sequence was filmed at the Pacific Central Station, the city’s main railway terminus located at 1150 Station Street. Moreover, a picturesque private residence in Vancouver (complete with the view of a lake) presumably served as the house of Julian in the movie.

A Christmas Proposal Cast

A stellar cast ensemble infuses life into the holiday romance saga. Adam Rodriguez essays the role of Julian, an attorney looking for love, although he fails to see the blooming romance right in front of him. You may have seen Rodriguez on shows like ‘Criminal Minds‘ and ‘CSI: Miami.’ Opposite him, Jessica Camacho of ‘All Rise‘ fame takes up the female lead role of Maria, a talented but down-on-her-luck chef. Among other prominent cast members, we see Luisa d’Oliveira (Brooklyn), Jaime M. Callica (Manny), Andres Soto (Bennett), Serge Houde (Bill Pendergast), Malaika Jackson (Donna), and Claudia Ferri (Helena).

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