A Little White Lie: Where Was the Movie Filmed?

‘A Little White Lie’ is an independent comedy movie based on Chris Belden’s novel, ‘Shriver.’ It is directed and written by Michael Maren and chronicles the misadventures of a handyman who fakes his identity and pretends to be a renowned writer named Shriver. Besides, the pseudo-author shares the same name and takes advantage of this mishap. He accepts an invite to a literary festival as their guest, gets romantically involved with an English professor, and takes credit for the original writer’s work.

However, the real Shriver tries to expose the imposter pretending to be him. Beautiful cinematic locations in the backdrop complement the dark humor and out-of-the-box storyline. Now, if your inner movie fan is curious to know where all ‘A Little White Lie’ was shot, here’s all you need to know!

A Little White Lie Filming Locations

‘A Little White Lie’ was filmed in California, mainly in Redlands, Riverside, and Los Angeles County. As per reports, the makers faced too many difficulties as principal photography was initially supposed to begin in 2017 in Canada. Since then, they had to replace crew members, actors, and production locations, and filming finally commenced in February 2020. However, after three weeks, they halted the process for another 400 days due to COVID-19 and then returned to set for the last six days. So, without further ado, let’s look at all the specific locations featured in the Michael Shannon starrer!

Redlands, California

Multiple pivotal segments of the movie were lensed in Redlands, a city in San Bernardino County. The cast and crew recorded some sequences at the prestigious University of Redlands campus at 1200 East Colton Ave. The private university was established in 1907, and its campus spreads across 160 acres of land. In addition, they shot a small segment at KB Korner Liquor, 402 East Redlands Boulevard.

‘The Rules of Attraction,’ ‘Slackers,’ and ‘How To Make An American Quit’ are three other comedy movies shot in Redlands. Previously called the “Washington Navel Orange Growing Capital of the World,” Redlands has several tourist attractions. This includes the city’s Redlands Bowl amphitheater, the Lincoln Memorial Shrine, and Kimberly Crest House & Gardens.

Riverside, California

Some scenes of the Kate Hudson starrer were reportedly lensed in Riverside, a city in the Inland Empire metropolitan area of Riverside County. It’s located in the southern parts of the state and is known for its citrus industry. The Mission Inn Hotel And Spa, Castle Park, Riverside Metropolitan Museum, and Mount Rubidoux are some of the noteworthy sites to visit in Riverside.

The city has impressed numerous filmmakers with its picturesque areas worthy of serving as a backdrop in movies, such as the Mission Inn, Sherman Indian Institute, March Field, and Riverside International Raceway. ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer,’ ‘Clueless,’ and ‘Pretty Woman‘ are other comedy flicks lensed in Riverside.

Los Angeles County, California

A large portion of the movie was also shot in Los Angeles County, the most populous county in the country. The production team taped pivotal scenes across Los Angeles, the county seat and the largest city in California. Some iconic shooting spots in the city are The Griffith Observatory, Point Dume, The Sheats-Goldstein Residence, Lower Grand Avenue, and Park Plaza Hotel.

Additional portions of the movie were recorded in Burbank, a city at the southeastern end of the San Fernando Valley. The filming unit mainly taped scenes at Woodbury University, a leading non-profit education institute at 7500 North Glenoaks Boulevard. Known as the Medical Capital of the world, Burbank is the headquarter of numerous production facilities from Warner Bros. Entertainment to The Walt Disney Company. ‘Back To The Future,’ ‘La La Land,’ and ‘Grease‘ are three of the most prominent movies taped in the city.

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