Where Was Lifetime’s Deadly Ex Next Door Filmed? Is it a True Story?

Directed by Joseph J Gillanders, Lifetime’s ‘Deadly Ex Next Door’ is a psychological thriller movie that follows an author and her husband as they move to a new cabin situated near a lake. Despite being excited to be living in a place surrounded by nature, they are soon forced to confront the dangerous reality of the situation when her former best friend and ex-boyfriend — who are a couple — moves in next door.

Not unlike other Lifetime thrillers, ‘Deadly Ex Next Door’ has a promising story that automatically draws in a lot of viewers. More than the suspense and thrill, the film is built upon an interesting premise and is set on a beautiful lakehouse. If this movie is on your watchlist, you might want to know more about its filming sites and whether or not it is based on real events. In that case, we have a few updates for you!

Deadly Ex Next Door Filming Locations

Alternatively titled ‘The Lakehouse Murders,’ the Lifetime film was seemingly filmed around April and May 2021. Are you wondering where this gripping thriller movie was shot? If yes, you might want to know that it could have been filmed in Ottawa, Ontario. Let’s dive into the specific details!

Ottawa, Ontario

‘Deadly Ex Next Door’ was filmed in Ottawa, the capital of the Great White North! The city is famous for hosting a variety of recreational activities such as international music festivals and ice skating rinks. Besides the beautiful scenery that the city is cradled within, Ottawa is overall a friendly city that accommodates filmmakers and producers worldwide. It is one of the many reasons why so many productions have taken place in Ottawa over the years.

During the filming of ‘Deadly Ex Next Door,’ actor Gillian Fortin who plays Sylvia, shared pictures that seem to have been taken on location. She stated that she had an amazing experience shooting with the insanely talented cast and crew. Here’s the picture of Gillian getting prepped for her role by Anna Della Zazzera, the makeup department head of the Lifetime movie.

Ottawa is a sought-after shooting site when it comes to filming feature films. It is said to contain the entire world in a small space, including small towns, American and European architecture, scenic outdoors, and historically influenced districts. There are locations that can also substitute for the Middle East. It provides producers or filmmakers the advantage of accessing multiple locations in a single day.

Taking all the above-mentioned factors into consideration, it is not surprising why the city has served as a filming location for many Christmas productions such as ‘Mistletoe & Menorahs,’ ‘The Christmas Setup,’ and even other popular films like ‘Awakening the Zodiac’ and ‘House at the End of the Street.’

Is Deadly Ex Next Door Based on a True Story?

No, ‘Deadly Ex Next Door’ is not based on a true story. The narrative is driven by an original screenplay by Scotty Mullen. The central themes observed in this movie are suspense and murder. Fans who follow Lifetime will know how common it is to witness violence and gore in the movies released by the network. They usually have an aura of dangerous suspense and threat, which keeps the audiences hooked.

Besides murder, the “cabin in the woods” theme has been frequently observed in films involving horror and violence. A few examples include ‘Hush,’ ‘What Keeps You Alive,’ ‘The Strangers,’ and ‘The Cabin in the Woods,’ to name a few. The reason why it is a major part of pop culture is the prospect of having fewer options of making it out alive when the protagonist is alone in a secluded settlement in the woods. It naturally makes for a thrilling and suspense-inducing watch.

Moreover, in recent years, there has been a lot of demand for true crime movies. The reason for this is reported to be related to a general fascination for knowing what drives criminals. According to a forensic psychologist, Dr. Paul G. Mattiuzzi, “murder is a most fundamental taboo” and a “most fundamental human impulse.” So the urge to know more about it comes naturally to content consumers. As long as cinema exists, this curiosity in humans will always be projected in the form of movies. Hence, despite ‘Deadly Ex Next Door’ not originating from true accounts, it resonates deeply with viewers.

Deadly Ex Next Door Cast

The cast of ‘Deadly Ex Next Door’ includes Tianna Nori as Elise Edwards. The actor is widely known for her works in ‘Letterkenny,’ ‘The Sublet,’ and ‘My Roommate’s an Escort.’ Jack Grinhaus essays the role of Allan Edwards, Elise’s husband. You might recognize the actor from his roles in ‘Who Is Clark Rockefeller?’ ‘Dillenger’s Diablos’ and ‘Moonshine.’ Jean Paul Najm portrays Lee Fellers, Elise’s ex-boyfriend. You might recognize the actor from his other works such as ‘Helstrom,’ ‘Coroner,’ and ‘The Hideout.’

The talented supporting cast comprises Brendee Green (Geena Fellers; Elise’s former best friend), Shannon McDonough (Sheriff Brant), Gillian Fortin (Sylvia), James M Jenkinson (Murray), Eric Fink (Chester), Alexandre Cadieux (Stunt Coordinator), Marie-Eve Beckers (Elise Stunt Double), and many others.

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