Where Was Hallmark’s A Second Chance at Love Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

A Second Chance at Love

Directed by Alfons Adetuyi, Hallmark’s ‘A Second Chance at Love’ is a romantic drama movie that tells a heartwarming story of rekindled romance. Brenda Petty and Jack Roberts are a divorced couple who have a married daughter named Alicia Owens. The latter is trying to avoid the issues sprouting within her marriage and decides to parent-trap Brenda and Jack. She creates separate online dating profiles for her parents, and despite their initial reluctance, they start using the app without revealing their faces or real names online. The two end up talking to each other unknowingly and have a great time on the internet.

Deciding to meet in real life, Brenda and Jack set up a date. They go to the pre-decided date spot and find out the identity of their online love interests. Despite the unusual situation, they still decide to have a good evening. After a night of dancing, food, and a sense of comfortable familiarity, they wonder if they were falling for each other again. The movie features amazing backdrops, like the charming restaurant where the couple meets for their blind date. If you are eager to know where this love story was filmed, we have got your back!

A Second Chance at Love Filming Locations

Part of Hallmark’s ‘Spring Into Love,’ ‘A Second Chance at Love’ is alternatively titled ‘I Do Again.’ The breathtaking visuals of the Hallmark production were brought to life in the city of Vancouver and some other areas in the westernmost Canadian province of British Columbia. The filming took place between January and February 2022. Here is a closer look into the details of the filming of this reel and real-life reunion!

Vancouver, British Columbia

‘A Second Chance at Love’ was filmed in and around the port city of Vancouver. A major city within the province of British Columbia, Vancouver has served as the filming location for several Hallmark movies and other predictions from around the world. Heartwarming scenes like Brenda and Jack’s blind date and their dancing sequences were shot within this bustling city.

Both Gloria Reuben and Eriq La Salle were delighted to work with each other in such a romantic and lighthearted movie. It was a different environment than their work in the hit show ‘ER,’ but even after so many years, the chemistry between them was as strong as ever. In a statement, Eriq said, “I’m excited to work with Hallmark again and reunite with Gloria.” Similarly, Gloria shared her excitement and said, “It’s wonderful to join the Hallmark family and to reunite with Eriq after so many years, especially in a completely different genre of storytelling!”

While Gloria loved working in the movie, it was the dress that she wears during the date between Brenda and Jack that stole her heart. “The blue dress is mine now. I said, ‘That’s going home with me!’” Gloria shared, describing her reaction to the beautiful dress.

A Second Chance at Love Cast

Gloria Reuben is a beloved actor, singer, producer, and activist who appears as Jeanie Boulet in the medical drama ‘ER.’ She has been nominated for a Golden Globe and several Emmy Awards. Her other works include ‘Mr. Robot,’ ‘The First Lady,’ ‘Firestarter,’ etc. She portrays the character of Brenda Petty, a divorced woman, and mother to Alicia Owens in the Hallmark movie.

Eriq La Salle takes up the role of Jack Roberts, Brenda’s ex-husband, and Alicia’s father. The show ‘ER’ features Eriq in the role of Dr. Peter Benton, which earned him multiple awards and prestigious nominations. The reunion of the two actors from the hit medical show made fans more than eager to watch ‘A Second Chance at Love.’ Eriq has a wide range of credits under his belt like ‘Chicago P.D.,’ ‘Logan,’ ‘Coming to America,’ ‘Under the Dome,’ and ‘One Hour Photo.’ The actor has also sat in the director’s chair and produced several TV shows.

Alvina August essays the character of Alicia Owens, Brenda and Jack’s daughter, who is trying to escape her marital problems by setting up her parents. Jarod Joseph appears as Arnold Owens, Alicia’s husband. The other cast members of this amazing movie include Matthew James Dowden as Rob Staples, Jill Morrison as Jill, Kate Craven as Jada, Nykeem Provo as Rahsaan, and Roy Dilbert as Pastor.

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