Where Was Hallmark’s Falling for Vermont Filmed? Who Is In The Cast?

In Hallmark’s original romantic drama film ‘Falling for Vermont,’ director David Winning lends a compelling and compassionate lens toward creative life and belonging. It follows Angela, a bestselling author whose life becomes quite complicated when she gets amnesia following an accident. Meanwhile, she is drawn toward a charming local doctor named Jeff Callan, and a romance begins to bloom. While the movie oozes out a feel-good ambiance, complete with a small-town backdrop, it also reminds us of the need for the community in an increasingly alienated life.

‘Falling for Vermont’ stands out for the critics, thanks to its enticing production value, intelligent direction, and nuanced character sketches. Most of the 2017 movie unfolds in and around a small idyllic town in Vermont, which is somewhat evident from the title. However, as the reel often morphs real, you must be asking whether the movie was really filmed there. In that case, allow us to probe further.

Falling for Vermont Filming Locations

‘Falling for Vermont’ was entirely filmed in the province of British Columbia, mainly in Langley and Agassiz. Principal photography commenced on July 24, 2017, and was completed by August 12 of the same year. Anthony C. Metchie, a long-time collaborator of the director, joined the team as the cinematographer, and Michael Ritter (art department of ‘Stakeout’ and ‘Runaway’) handled the bulk of the production design.

For filmmakers and producers alike, the westernmost Canadian province of British Colombia provides ideal filmmaking conditions. The landscape ranges from lush mountains, jungles, lakes, and vast coastal stretches. Moreover, the provincial government entices the producers by offering lucrative tax incentives, adding value to the attractive currency exchange rates. Let us now take you to the specific locations where the movie was shot.

Langley, British Columbia

Most sequences of ‘Falling for Vermont’ were lensed in and around Langley, a city and municipality in the Metro Vancouver Regional District. The suburban municipality is home to several picturesque farms and ranches, making it a coveted filming destination. The cast and crew members set up a base in the Krause Berry Farms & Estate Winery, located at 6179 248 Street in Langley Township.

The elaborate farm has housed the production of several Hallmark projects to date, from ‘Pumpkin Pie Wars’ to ‘The Sweetest Heart.’ On another note, the property also welcomes tourists with wine tasting programs, a market selling fresh farm produce, and pick-your-own fields.

Agassiz, British Columbia

Additionally, the production team of ‘Falling for Vermont’ shot a few scenes in the small community of Agassiz. Located in Fraser County, in the Eastern Fraser Valley region of the province, it is the only town in the District Municipality of Kent. The picturesque community lies around 97 kilometers east of Vancouver. If you ever head to Agassiz, you can choose from a myriad of activities like boating, fishing, swimming, skiing, or gliding!

Falling for Vermont Cast

‘Falling for Vermont’ features several familiar names from the film and television industry. As one half of the central pair, Julie Gonzalo takes up the role of Angela Young/Elizabeth, the author with amnesia. Joining Gonzalo is Benjamin Ayres as Dr. Jeff Callan, the country doctor. You may have seen Ayres in ‘Suits,’ while Gonzalo is famous for her performance in ‘A Cinderella Story.’

Other prominent cast members are Lauren McNamara (Emily Callan), Christian Michael Cooper (Alex Callan), Barbara Kottmeier (Cynthia Young), Peter Benson (Brad Thompson), Jenn Griffin (Jane Callan), and Doron Bell (Sheriff Kevin Gaines). The supporting cast also comprises Mark Brandon (Bob Callan), Coral Humphrey (Sabrina), Dean Petriw (Austin), James Drew Dean (Spencer), and Cate Sproule (Athena), among others.

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