Hallmark’s Guiding Emily: All Shooting and Cast Details

Based on Bestselling Author Barbara Hinske’s eponymous novel, ‘Guiding Emily’ is a drama film that centers upon a young woman named Emily whose life turns upside down after she loses her eyesight. Struggling to cope with her new reality, she encounters a guide dog, Garth, who has trouble with his training.

With some help, Emily and Garth find comfort in each other as they overcome their respective struggles and obstacles. Helmed by Andy Mikita, the Hallmark production takes place in several interesting locations, including the beach and the protagonists’ residence, making the audience wonder where ‘Guiding Emily’ was filmed.

Guiding Emily Filming Locations

‘Guiding Emily’ was filmed primarily in British Columbia, especially in and around Victoria. Production on the drama film reportedly got underway in mid-June 2023 and wrapped up in a couple of weeks or so, in early July of the same year. Now, without wasting any time, let’s traverse through all the specific locations where Emily and the guide dog bond with each other in the Hallmark movie!

Victoria, British Columbia

The shooting for almost all the pivotal sequences of ‘Guiding Emily’ was carried out in Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia situated on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. The filming unit traveled across the city to different streets and neighborhoods in order to lens important scenes on location against suitable backdrops. For taping the interior portions, they mostly made the most of actual establishments of the city but we cannot rule out the possibility that they also utilized the facilities of one of the film studios.

Also known as the Garden City, Victoria’s vastly versatile and picturesque landscape is on full display throughout the movie as you might be able to spot several local attractions in the backdrop, such as The Empress Hotel, the gothic Christ Church Cathedral, the Maritime Museum of British Columbia, Victoria Bug Zoo, Market Square, and Beacon Hill Park. Apart from ‘Guiding Emily,’ Victoria’s terrains have also featured in various other films and TV shows over the years. Some of the notable ones are ‘Little Women,’ ‘Five Easy Pieces,’ ‘The Professor,’ ‘It Was Always You,’ and ‘Maid.’

Guiding Emily Cast

In ‘Guiding Emily,’ Sarah Drew essays the character of Emily, a young woman who loses her eyesight. Having portrayed Dr. April Kepner in ABC’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ for nine seasons, she is a recognizable face for many of the viewers. After working as a series regular in ‘Everwood,’ she bagged several important roles in a series of hit projects. For instance, she can be seen featuring in ‘Cruel Summer,’ ‘Moms’ Night Out,’ ‘The Baxter,’ and ‘Radio.’ On the other hand, Antonio Cupo plays the role of Matthew, the love interest of Emily. The Vancouver native, after performing in various theatrical productions and winning acting awards for them, started landing roles in several shows, including ‘The L Word,’ ‘Taken,’ and ‘Dark Angel.’

After he started gaining prominence as an actor, he was asked to feature in ‘Elisa Di Rivombrosa’ as a lead character. Besides that, he has been featured in ‘Day of the Siege,’ ‘Love Notes,’ ‘Magic Beyond Words: The JK Rowling Story,’ ‘The Legend of La Llorona,’ and ‘The Peacemaker.’ Other Hallmark original movies he stars in are ‘I Do, I Do, I Do,’ ‘Hats Off to Christmas!,’ ‘For Better or for Worse,’ and ‘A Glenbrooke Christmas.’

The drama movie also features a number of other cast members in supporting yet key roles, including Eric McCormack as Garth, Sharon Taylor as Katie, Christine Willes as Martha, Matty Finochio as Drew, Peter Benson as Mark, Toby Levins as Conner, Julia Bonnett as Julie, and Amy Amantea as Olivia. In addition, Celina Martin (Linda), Lillian Doucet-Roche (Gina), Alison Matthews (Doris), Linda Ko (Dr. Anderson), Laura Adkin (Steph), Kerensa Cooper (Zoe), David Attar (Carlo), and Preston Drabble, feature in important roles as well.

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