The Dancing Detective A Deadly Tango: Filming Locations and Cast Details

From Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, ‘The Dancing Detective: A Deadly Tango’ follows star detective Constance Bailey, whose skillful ability to uncover the truth makes her unique. However, even with her excellent track record, the no-nonsense detective finds it hard to work with a partner and prefers to do things her way. When a case takes her to a luxurious resort in Malta to uncover the secret of an international CEO’s death, she finds herself having to tango with Sebastian, a dancer and actor. Directed by Stefan Scaini, the mystery thriller movie blends the stealth of the footwork with the subtlety of wit effortlessly.

In charge of investigating the death of a ballroom company’s CEO’s murder, Detective Bailey enters a high-stakes ballroom competition with a charismatic free-spirited British dancer and actor whose crime-solving skills are as polished as his footwork. An unlikely bond emerges, and Bailey relaxes on the dance floor and in her work, giving way to several twists. The Hallmark movie features various settings, including the ballroom, hotel, and numerous scenic locations. Given the picturesque backdrops, you may wonder where the movie was filmed. Luckily, we’ve got you covered!

The Dancing Detective: A Deadly Tango Filming Locations

‘The Dancing Detective: A Deadly Tango’ was filmed entirely in Malta, particularly in Valletta. While the movie had been in production for three years, the principal photography for the mystery movie commenced in Malta in late February 2023 and was wrapped up by March 16. Home to some of the oldest temples in the world, the archipelago of Malta is known for its exotic landscape, flora, and architecture, further elevating the production. Now, without further ado, let’s dive into the specific locations that appear in the Hallmark movie!

Valletta, Malta

All the pivotal sequences for ‘The Dancing Detective: A Deadly Tango’ were lensed in and around Valletta, Malta’s capital. To pay an ode to the ‘40s and depict the glory of yore, the production team set camp across different places in Valletta to reflect the grandiosity. Several scenes have been shot across the city in a vintage vehicle to encapsulate the epoch’s essence and enduring appeal fully.

The Phoenicia Malta Hotel was one of the primary places where the movie was shot. The leading hotel is located at the doorstep of the city of Valletta at The Mall 1478, Floriana. A few sequences were also shot at the Upper Barrakka Gardens, at 292, Triq Sant’ Orsla II-Belt Valletta.

Other Locations in Malta

The Rotunda of Mosta, or The Sanctuary of Basilica of the Assumption of Our Lady at Rotunda Square, located in the city of Mosta, was also chosen as a shooting spot. Moreover, the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum at Triq Ic Cimiterju Rahal Gdid was another primary filming location. This prehistoric monument dating back to 5000 years, is located in the small town of Paola, a mere six kilometers from the capital city.

Many sequences were also taped at Blue Grotto, located along the Southeastern part of Malta at Wied Iz-Zurrieq. The picturesque sea caverns at the site, surrounded by oceanic blues, served as the perfect backdrop for the movie.

The Dancing Detective: A Deadly Tango Cast

Lacey Chabert headlines the role of Constance Bailey in the Hallmark movie. Over the years, the actress has starred in Broadway productions, sitcoms, and movies. Some of her most memorable roles include characters in ‘Lost in Space,’ ‘Not Another Teen Movie,’ ‘Mean Girls,’ and ‘Family Guy.’ Along with Lacey, Will Kemp portrays Sebastian Moore in the movie. Like his co-star, Kemp has worked in different productions, some of them including ‘Van Helsing’ ‘Step Up 2: The Streets,’ and ‘Mindhunters.’

After their roles in ‘The Christmas Waltz and Love,’ ‘Romance & Chocolate,’ this movie marks the third time Chabert and Kemp have appeared together on screen in a Hallmark movie. Other cast members include Natasa Babic (Mary Aston), Diego Wallraff (Kevin Hamilton), Clare Agius (Sergeant Ana Spiteri), Marysia S. Peres (Judy Maxwell), Peter Galea (Tom Stevens), and Mikhail Basmadjian (Captain Kelly).

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