Home Again (2017): Where Was the Romantic Comedy Filmed?

‘Home Again’ is a 2017 romantic comedy movie that revolves around Alice, a recent divorcee who’s the mother of two children. Harry, George, and Teddy are three charming folks from the movie industry who move into her guest house. Alice begins to have the time of her life until her ex-husband shows up on her doorstep with a suitcase. Things go haywire and against her will, but she learns a valuable lesson when the chaos ends. The heartwarming movie is helmed by Hallie Meyers-Shyer, and the beautiful homes and neighborhoods that form its backdrop complement the narrative. For those who are curious about these lively sites, let us walk you through them.

Home Again Filming Locations

‘Home Again’ was filmed in California, specifically in Los Angeles. The principal photography for the Reese Witherspoon starrer seemingly commenced on October 24, 2016, and ended on September 8, 2017. The Golden Gate State is preferred by most filmmakers due to the excellent tax incentives, top-notch production facilities, and sunny weather that is ideal for an outdoor shoot. So, without further ado, let’s look at these locations that can be.

Los Angeles, California

The crew filmed many pivotal sequences in Los Angeles, known for its entertainment industry, vibrant culture, nightlife, and diversity. The city has a varied topography that ranges from beaches and mountains to urban areas. Moreover, resources are abundant here, such as high-end equipment, sound stages, and rental houses.

The infrastructure of Los Angeles makes it easy for the crew to get around using its well-developed transportation, which saves time and cost. A spacious property on 300 North Tigertail Road was reportedly featured in the movie for a few scenes. Some prominent shooting locations in The City of Angels are Malibu Beach, The Getty Center, and Griffith Observatory.

The city is the birthplace of Hollywood, so it has a large history in filmmaking and cinema. It’s a must-visit place for movie enthusiasts and also people who just want to experience what a melting pot of culture looks like. Most celebrities and huge social media personalities reside here to form connections and be an integral part of the industry.

Brentwood is a neighborhood on the city’s west side, and the team recorded some segments here as well. The 1929 Spanish-style large estate that is seen in the movie is situated in Brentwood. The property reportedly belonged to Cindy Crawford and Jennifer Garner before it became a rental home.

The region is known for museums, stunning architecture, shopping centers, and restaurants. It also boasts multiple private clubs, golf courses, and a Farmers’ Market that sells fresh produce every Sunday. Other drama projects that were taped in Los Angeles are ‘The Last Thing He Told Me‘ and ‘Air‘.

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