Where Was How I Fell in Love with a Gangster Filmed?

Directed by Maciej Kawulski, Netflix’s ‘How I Fell in Love with a Gangster’ is a mafia crime movie that depicts the true story of Nikodem “Nikos” Skotarczak — one of the most notorious gangsters in Polish history. Originally titled ‘Jak Pokochalam Gangstera,’ the Polish movie follows a mysterious woman as she narrates the graph of Nikos’ rise and fall, as well as his familial and romantic relationships.

Starring renowned Polish actors such as Tomasz Wlosok, Antoni Królikowski, Agnieszka Grochowska, and Magdalena Lamparska, ‘How I Fell in Love with a Gangster’ is packed with stellar performances and a gripping narrative. Set against the backdrop of true events, the visuals of the movie transport the audience into the past. If you are curious to know about the places where this movie was filmed, we’ve got you covered.

How I Fell in Love with a Gangster Filming Locations

‘How I Fell in Love with a Gangster’ was filmed in various authentic locations in Poland and Lithuania, specifically in Warsaw, Milanówek, Gdańsk, and Vilnius. Principal photography most likely commenced in March 2021 and was wrapped up in early May of the same year. The cast and crew had an enjoyable time while filming and often shared pictures on social media in their vintage getups. Now, let’s go through the specific details about the filming locations.

Warsaw, Poland

‘How I Fell in Love with a Gangster’ was majorly filmed in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. The cast and crew filmed at several locations in the city, including the Służewiec Racetrack at Puławska 266 that hosts horse racing events. Warsaw stands on the River Vistula and is a significant international center for economic, cultural, and political activities.

The populous city is studded with historic European architecture and also has a gorgeous cityscape, thus making it a picturesque filming site. It annually hosts the prestigious Warsaw International Film festival, which showcases movies and documentaries from all over the world. Furthermore, movies such as ‘The Pianist,’ ‘365 Days,’ and ‘Mr. Jones’ were also filmed in Warsaw.

Milanówek, Poland

Some portions of ‘How I Fell in Love with a Gangster’ were filmed in the town of Milanówek. It lies next to the Grodzisk Mazowiecki County near Warsaw and is home to several historic monuments such as St. Hedwig Church and the Turczynek villa. The town witnessed crucial events during the Warsaw Uprising and World War 2.

Gdańsk, Poland

Several important scenes from ‘How I Fell in Love with a Gangster’ were filmed in Gdańsk, a city on the Baltic Coast in the northern part of the country. The production team also chose the Gdańsk Shipyard, formerly known as Lenin Shipyard, as one of the shooting sites. Gdańsk is located at the mouth of the Motlawa River, and its city center is a listed national monument. Moreover, the iconic Solidarity movement originated from the city. The thriller movie ‘Zero Dark Thirty‘ was filmed in Gdańsk.

Vilnius, Lithuania

Lithuania’s capital city Vilnius also seemingly served as one of the filming locations of ‘How I Fell in Love with a Gangster.’ Due to its influential Jewish community and rich history, the city is touted as “the Jerusalem of Lithuania.” Vilnius has 8 protected nature reserves and a beautiful cityscape that is a mix of old and urban architecture. Also known as Rome of the North, the city is a hub of arts and culture and has also hosted the production of shows like ‘Stranger Things‘ and ‘Chernobyl.’

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