Lifetime’s Abducted By My Teacher: Filming Locations and Cast Details

Directed by Shawn Linden, Lifetime’s ‘Abducted By My Teacher: The Elizabeth Thomas Story’ is a biographical crime drama movie that follows a 15-year-old high school student named Elizabeth Thomas who catches the attention of one of her married teachers, Tad Cummins. Managing to get close to her, he begins making her feel safe and loved in his company, grooming her for months before convincing her to go on the run with him after a student reports seeing him kiss her.

Elizabeth’s abduction then sets off a nationwide search until she is found with Tad in northern California. After he is arrested, she must confront the people in her hometown who think she is responsible for her own kidnapping. During the trial, Elizabeth stands up for herself and plays a vital role in sending the teacher to prison and getting justice for herself. The thriller movie takes place in various locations, including Elizabeth’s high school and northern California, where Tad holds her up. So, if you are interested in knowing where ‘Abducted By My Teacher: The Elizabeth Thomas Story’ was shot, let us eliminate your curiosity!

Abducted By My Teacher: The Elizabeth Thomas Story Filming Locations

‘Abducted By My Teacher: The Elizabeth Thomas Story’ was filmed in Manitoba, specifically in Winnipeg, Selkirk, Grand Marais, and St. François Xavier. According to reports, principal photography for the crime movie took place between May and June 2022. So, let’s not waste time and dive right into all the specific locations that feature in the Lifetime movie!

Winnipeg, Manitoba

A significant chunk of ‘Abducted By My Teacher: The Elizabeth Thomas Story’ was taped in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba’s capital. The production team set up camp in various neighborhoods, streets, and establishments across the city to shoot some key scenes against suitable backdrops. Since there are several exterior shots included in the movie, you are bound to spot a few local landmarks and buildings in the backdrop, such as the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Saint Boniface Cathedral, the Esplanade Riel bridge, the Manitoba Legislative Building, and The Forks.

Other Locations in Manitoba

For shooting purposes, the filming unit of ‘Abducted By My Teacher: The Elizabeth Thomas Story’ also traveled to other locations across Manitoba. For instance, the city of Selkirk served as one of the prominent production locations for the movie. Moreover, various onlookers and passersby spotted the cast and crew members on Grand Beach in the municipality of Grand Marais, shooting some key scenes. A few additional portions were lensed around the Baie St. Paul Bridge in the Rural Municipality of St. François Xavier.

Abducted By My Teacher: The Elizabeth Thomas Story Cast

In the Lifetime thriller, Michael Fishman plays the role of Tad Cummins, the married high school teacher. The California-born actor and producer is known for his pivotal roles as Gregg in ‘Seinfeld,’ D.J. Conner in ‘Roseanne,’ D.J. Conner in ‘The Conners,’ Mike Holliday in ‘Little Bigfoot 2: The Journey Home,’ and Antonelli in ‘Undrafted.’  On the other hand, Summer H. Howell essays Elizabeth Thomas in the film. After making her debut as Alice in the horror movie ‘Curse of Chucky,’ Howell appeared in multiple movies and TV shows, like ‘The Midnight Man,’ ‘Cult of Chucky,’ ‘Clouds,’ ‘Hunter Hunter,’ ‘Harland Manor,’ and ‘Channel Zero.’

There are plenty of other cast members who play pivotal roles in the thriller movie, including Averie Peters (Lily Thomas), Adam Hurtig (Myron Allen), Paul Essiembre (Brett), Lisa Marie DiGiacinto (Detective Rogers), Meredith Rose (Brandi), Sharon Bajer (Dr. Kanmer), and Gwendolyn Collins (Felicia). Moreover, Gino Anania  (Ben Thomas), Robert Nahum (FBI Agent Beaudry Hammer), Gabriel Daniels (Detective Maclendon), Aaron Merke (Ed Thomas), Laura Cartlidge (Dawn Thomas), Daina Leitold (US Attorney Jeminson), Alec Carlos (Tim), and Tristan Carlucci (Rachel’s boyfriend) also feature in ‘Abducted By My Teacher: The Elizabeth Thomas Story.’

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