Where Was Lifetime’s Deadly House Call Filmed? Who is in the Cast? Is it a True Story?

Lifetime is known to entertain viewers with gripping thrillers that engage them from beginning to end. One such riveting thriller movie is ‘Deadly House Call,’ which revolves around a working mother who struggles to take care of her father, who has early-onset dementia. Unable to manage his requirements properly, she hires a nurse to take care of him. The nurse initially feels like a blessing to the woman and her father, as she is efficient in her work. However, the daughter soon begins to suspect something sinister behind the nurse’s intentions towards her father.

The woman’s fears come true when the nurse tries to seduce and charm her wealthy father to gain control of the family fortune. Now, she must race against time to save herself and her family from the dangerous intentions of the nurse. Set against the backdrop of an ordinary house and high society, ‘Deadly House Call’ keeps the audience at the edge of their seats and the visuals add an exciting touch to the narrative. If you are curious to know about where this movie was filmed, we’ve got your back. Let’s dive in!

Deadly House Call Filming Locations

Principal photography for ‘Deadly House Call’ most likely took place in the western US state of California in September 2021. The ordinary setting of the filming sites complements the unexpected twists and turns of the storyline. Now, here is a closer look at the filming locations.

Los Angeles, California

‘Deadly House Call’ was most probably filmed entirely in Los Angeles, where a majority of Lifetime movies are filmed. Also known as the City of Angels, Los Angeles is a sprawling city surrounded by picturesque mountains. It lies adjacent to the Pacific Ocean and also has a well-planned cityscape that is studded with numerous luxurious and scenic neighborhoods. Los Angeles has a perennially pleasant climate and is a bustling center for business, culture, and arts.

Some of the prominent tourist landmarks in the city include the Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Getty Center, Venice Canal Historic District, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts. Often termed as the “Creative Capital of the World,” Los Angeles has a giant pool of talented actors, production crew, musicians, filmmakers, and dancers.

Furthermore, it is home to the neighborhood of Hollywood, which is considered the center of the nation’s film and TV industry. Some of the movies that were filmed in Los Angeles are ‘Interstellar,’ ‘Just Go with It,’ and ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.’ In addition, the TV series ‘WandaVision‘ and ‘9-1-1: Lone Star.’

Deadly House Call Cast

‘Deadly House Call’ stars Joanne Jansen, Sierra Wooldridge, and Neville Edwards in the lead roles. Jansen is best known for her work in the movie ‘Vicious Fun.’ On the other hand, Wooldridge has done notable work in the movies ‘A Daughter’s Revenge’ and ‘Lethal Soccer Mom.’

Is Deadly House Call Based on a True Story?

No, ‘Deadly House Call’ is not based on a true story. Although, the realistic characters and themes of the movie most probably take inspiration from real-life incidents where medical caretakers have married elderly men for money, or even worse, murdered them in their homes. The murder mystery movieKnives Out‘ is different in terms of setting but shares the common element of a young nurse taking care of a wealthy aged novelist and being accused of being after his wealth when he gets murdered.

Furthermore, the suspense thriller movie ‘A Daughter’s Nightmare’ reverses gender roles but portrays similar themes of a working person being responsible for their ailing parent and getting trapped by a medical caretaker. It follows a daughter’s search for her missing mother, who falls ill and mysteriously disappears after succumbing to the charms of a suspicious male nurse. Hence, even though ‘Deadly House Call’ is not a true story, it seems extremely believable due to its narrative that reflects real-life cases, the hard work of the writers, and the convincing performances by the cast members.

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