Lifetime’s If I Can’t Have You: Every Filming Location and Cast Details

Lifetime’s ‘If I Can’t Have You’ revolves around an unknown demented fan who actively pursues disc jockey Michelle Hall and shows a keen romantic interest in her. Meanwhile, the latter’s nosey neighbor, Mr. Sklar, closely observes and appears to know of her every move. Hence, Michelle’s live-in boyfriend, Aiden, suspects Mr. Sklar is the stalker fan.

However, when Michelle receives bizarre phone calls and unsolicited gifts at her doorstep, she begins to fear for her life as she tries to identify her stalker. The David DeCoteau directorial is a mystery movie that captivates you with its storytelling and eerie and dark backdrops that suit its suspenseful aesthetic. If you are eager to know more about the locations in the movie, we’ve got you covered.

If I Can’t Have You: Where Was it Filmed?

‘If I Can’t Have You’ was reportedly filmed in California, specifically Los Angeles. Known as the Bear State, it is highly favored as a shooting location due to its diverse and stunning landscapes, ranging from sandy beaches and arid deserts to towering mountains and lush forests. Additionally, California is renowned as the global hub of cinema. The state boasts numerous tourist destinations, including Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame, the world-renowned San Diego Zoo, and the breathtaking Yosemite National Park. So without further ado, let’s have a detailed look at the locations that can be spotted in the Lifetime movie!

Los Angeles, California

Significant portions of the Lifetime movie were seemingly lensed in Los Angeles, colloquially known as the world’s entertainment capital. The second most populous city in the US boasts many captivating sites favored by filmmakers, including the renowned Griffith Observatory, the eccentric Venice Beach, and the awe-inspiring Point Dume, among numerous others. The cast and crew taped several scenes against various backdrops across Los Angeles. Furthermore, they likely utilized the facilities of a film studio in the city to shoot interior sequences.

Situated in Southern California, Los Angeles offers an expanse of varying terrains and welcoming culture. The city has been at the vanguard of film and television production since the early 1900s, with Hollywood being its birthplace. Besides, Los Angeles is the domicile of many eminent actors, directors, and celebrities. Its diverse and picturesque landscapes, state-of-the-art production facilities, and cutting-edge equipment make it a coveted destination for filmmakers to record their projects. Other  movies shot in the city include ‘Murder Mystery’ and ‘Nope.’

If I Can’t Have You Cast

Bailey Kai portrays Michelle in ‘If I Can’t Have You.’ The actress is best known for her notable roles in ‘Dreamer‘ as Lisa and ‘Keeping Up with the Joneses‘ as Jodie. Meanwhile, Houston Rhines essays Aiden, Michelle’s boyfriend. You might recognize Rhines from ‘Moonrise’ as David Greer and ‘Fatal Memory’ as Paul. Other cast members include Michael Paré (Mr. Sklar), Gina Hiraizumi (Lily), Jackée Harry (Detective Olsen), Tracy Nelson (Detective Morgan), and Philip McElroy (Keith). Moreover, Jon Briddell (Robert), Daniel Joo (Tim), Meredith Thomas (Lizzy), and Raechel Wong (Casey) appear in pivotal roles in the movie.

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