Lifetime’s To Kill a Stepfather: All Shooting Locations and Cast Details

With Peter Sullivan at the helm, Lifetime’s ‘To Kill a Stepfather’ is a thriller film that revolves around the life of Nicole Ray, a strong-willed woman whose life takes a tragic turn with her stepfather’s sudden demise. When Nicole is informed that her stepfather, Matthew, lost his life after falling down the stairs of their secluded family home, she suspects foul play. Although she wasn’t in close contact with her stepfather for a few years, the fact that her mother, Kate — with whom she shares a strained relationship — is put behind bars for Matthew’s murder, sets the alarm bells ringing in her mind.

Taking into consideration the mysterious circumstances of Matthew’s death and Kate’s arrest for the same, Nicole embarks upon a mission to find out the truth. Soon, the young woman realizes that things are not as straightforward as they appear to be and that someone is trying to prevent her from unveiling the actual reality of the events that have unfolded. The palpable tension of the film is maintained due to the gripping narrative and compelling performances by a talented cast. The dreary setting also evokes a sense of excitement and suspense in the audience, making them wonder where exactly the film was filmed. If you are wondering about the same, we’ve got your back. Here’s all you need to know!

To Kill a Stepfather Filming Locations

‘To Kill a Stepfather’ was filmed in its entirety in California, specifically in Los Angeles. According to reports, principal photography for the thriller film commenced in April 2023 and wrapped up in a few weeks in May of the same year. Given its vastness and versatility when it comes to landscapes, the Golden State makes for a suitable filming site for different kinds of productions. So, without further ado, allow us to take you through all the specific locations that make an appearance in the Lifetime movie!

Los Angeles, California

All the pivotal sequences of ‘To Kill a Stepfather’ were lensed in the sprawling city of Los Angeles in the heart of Southern California. The filming of a major portion of the Lifetime movie took place at The Villa Serena – Filming Location, which is a production facility situated at 8455 La Tuna Canyon Road in the Sun Valley neighborhood of LA. Located in the San Fernando Valley region, the 10,000 sq foot studio comprises various sets ranging from a Restaurant and Bar, Interrogation Room, Courtroom, Examination Room, and Executive Office to Jet Stages and a Space Shuttle, making it a worthy shooting site for various projects.

Aside from the movie studio, the filming team likely taped a few sequences in and around the vibrant city of Los Angeles. It is the capital of the American film industry since it is home to the dazzling neighborhood of Hollywood, which is synonymous with the motion picture industry of the country. Since the 20th century, the City of Angels has served as the shooting site for several movies and television shows and has gradually emerged as a global filming destination attracting filmmakers from across the world, mostly due to the tax incentives, favorable climate, stunning and diverse locations, skilled technicians, hassle-free accessibility of production services and the presence of first-rate film studios.

Over the years, Los Angeles has attracted the production of many Lifetime movies like ‘Secrets in the Building’ as well as popular film and television projects, such as ‘La La Land,’ ‘Oppenheimer,’ ‘Barbie,’ ‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan,’ ‘Succession,’ ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Tenet,’ etc;  therefore, it is not surprising that the city was chosen to serve as the filming location for ‘To Kill a Stepfather.’

To Kill a Stepfather Cast

Alexandra Mary Camacho AKA Alex headlines the cast as Nicole Ray, the fierce protagonist who dons her detective glasses to investigate the murder of her stepfather. Interestingly, this is the first time Alex has stepped into the role of the lead character in a feature film. Her other credits include short films like ‘Happy, Maybe,’ ‘Orange Awkening,’ ‘Touch the Water,’ ‘A Meal to Heal All Wounds,’ ‘Happy Birthday,’ and ‘Sticky Pinecones.’ Elyse Mirto stars opposite Alex as the mother of Nicole, Kate Rafferty. You may recognize her as Debbie Foster in ‘The Last Ship,’ Mrs. Carlson in ‘Disturbia,’ Deborah Quinn in ‘Criminal Minds,’ and Sandy Harding in ‘Scandal.’

Elyse is also known for her performance in shows like ‘Surviving the Cartel,’ ‘Attaway General,’ ‘Motel Evil,’ and ‘Juniors.’ ‘Final Stop’ fame Kelly McCart essays the character of Riley Rafferty, while ‘Keeping Up with the Joneses’ star Joe Finfera steps into the role of Wyatt. The cast also comprises Jamel King as Bobby, Avis Wrentmore as Sadie, Andrea Pazmino as Detective McManus, Ross Turner as Chuck, and John D. Michaels as Kirk. Apart from the aforementioned cast members, the film also features actors like Kevin Scott Allen (Harding), Frank Graves (Harold), Iris Anthony (Helen), Hardia Madden (Judge Palmer), and Nancy Harding (Janet) in supporting roles.

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