Where Was Lifetime’s Vanished in Yosemite Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

With Doug Campbell at the helm, Lifetime’s ‘Vanished in Yosemite’ is a thriller drama movie that follows two close sisters — Katrina and Jennifer — who set out for a relaxing and adventurous vacation, deep in Yosemite. When the two come across a charming and handsome guy named Rick, Katrina is almost sure that she has finally found the man of her dreams. Soon, her dream turns into a nightmare when she goes missing in the wilderness.

When Jennifer is unable to find her sister, she believes that Katrina has been kidnapped and wastes no time to embark on a mission to locate her sister and rescue her to safety. The movie unfolds in Yosemite, as the name suggests, where the two sisters get involved in some dangerous trouble deep in the woods. Given the secludedness and eeriness of the site, the audience tends to wonder where exactly ‘Vanished in Yosemite’ was filmed. If you are in the same boat, allow us to get rid of your curiosity once and for all!

Vanished in Yosemite Filming Locations

‘Vanished in Yosemite’ was filmed in California, particularly in and around Yosemite National Park. The principal photography for the thriller film reportedly commenced in May 2023 and wrapped up within the same month. Now, without wasting any time, let us walk you through all the specific locations where Jennifer searches for her sister in the Lifetime movie!

Yosemite National Park, California

Almost the entirety of ‘Vanished in Yosemite’ was lensed in Yosemite National Park, which covers large areas in four different Californian counties — Tuolumne, Mariposa, Mono, and Madera Counties. Designated a World Heritage Site in 1984, the national park is bordered on the southeast by Sierra National Forest and on the northwest by Stanislaus National Forest. The production team supposedly traveled across the national park and set up camp in various areas to shoot pivotal sequences against suitable backdrops. Whether it is the mountains or the lake, the wilderness of Yosemite National Park features throughout the film, from start to finish, giving the narrative the much-needed eerie vibe.

During the shooting schedule, the filming unit experienced rain, snow, hail, and heat, making it a unique experience for all the cast and crew members. Since Yosemite is recognized for its cascading waterfalls, cliffs, lakes, mountains, meadows, glaciers, clear streams, and giant sequoia groves, its biological diversity is on full display in the backdrops of all the important scenes of the film. Yosemite National Park also offers several activities to tourists, including hiking, rock climbing, skiing in winter, rafting, stargazing, and nature walks, to name a few. Besides ‘Vanished in Yosemite,’ the national park has turned into a film set for other productions as well over the years. Some of them are ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom,’ ‘Gone, But Not Forgotten,’ and ‘Order of the Eagle.’

Vanished in Yosemite Cast

In the Lifetime movie, Skye Coyne plays the character of Jennifer who goes vacationing with her sister. Throughout the course of her acting career, she has bagged some pivotal roles across various platforms, including Lifetime, Paramount+, and Amazon Prime. You are likely to recognize her from ‘The Devil in the Room,’ ‘Deadly Dating Game,’ ‘Love Under the Lemon Tree,’ ‘The Search for Secret Santa,’ ‘Face of the Trinity,’ ‘The Date Whisperer,’ ‘Love at First Lie,’ and ‘Canyon PALs Adventures.’

Alongside her, Kelcie Stranahan essays the role of Katrina, the sister who goes missing. The dancer-turned-actress features in several movies and TV shows, such as ‘Black Box,’ ‘Under the Bed,’ ‘Last Hours in Suburbia,’ ‘Dirty Teacher,’ ‘Designed for Death,’ ‘Spinning Out of Control,’ and ‘Runaways,’ which is why you might find her face familiar. Moreover, Rob LaColla portrays Rick, the seemingly perfect guy whom Katrina finds attractive. You might have seen him featured in ‘Diamond in the Rough,’ ‘Secrets in the Building,’ ‘Indemnity,’ and ‘A Grunt’s Life.’ In addition, Jason Tobias also features in a supporting yet key role in ‘Vanished in Yosemite.’

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