Where Was Netflix’s I Came By Filmed?

Directed by Babak Anvari, Netflix’s ‘I Came By’ is a neo-noir thriller movie that follows a young graffiti artist as he tries to expose some dark secrets in front of the world. Toby and Jay are two rebellious and young graffiti artists that regularly target the residences of the town’s most wealthy and elite class. However, when the former breaks into the former renowned High Court Judge Sir Hector Blake’s house, he discovers a groundbreaking secret about him. After the discovery, Toby takes on the mission to shed light on the secret, even if it means putting himself and his close ones in danger.

The dark undertone enhances the overall vibe of the thriller movie and reflects the sinister nature of the events that unfold. While the suspenseful narrative keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats through each episode, the interesting use of locations makes them wonder about the actual filming sites of ‘I Came By.’ Well, if you are one such curious soul, here is all the information that will put your mind at ease!

I Came By Filming Locations

‘I Came By’ was filmed entirely in England, specifically in Greater London and Surrey. The principal photography for the George MacKay-starrer commenced in early August 2021 and reportedly wrapped up in September of the same year after a month or so. Part of the United Kingdom, England’s landscape mainly consists of low hills and plains, especially in the southern and central regions of the nation. So, without much ado, let’s traverse the specific locations that appear in the thriller movie!

Greater London, England

Most of ‘I Came By’ was lensed in Greater London, an administrative area governed by the Greater London Authority. The production team traveled across the area to get all the necessary shots against suitable backdrops for the movie. In a late August 2022 interview with Yahoo News UK, Percelle Ascott expressed his excitement for being able to shoot on familiar streets. He said, “There was one particular location that was a school my grandfather went to, so again it was just nice to have that experience of filming in your London.”

In the same interview, co-star George MacKay added, “London feels like the perfect setting because we all live on top of each other and intertwined. That melting pot feels particularly true of this city.” Apart from ‘I Came By,’ the area has served as a prominent production location for several other movies and TV shows. Some notable ones are ‘Resident Evil,’ ‘The Mummy,’ ‘Last Night in Soho,’ and ‘The Crown.’

Surrey, England

Additional portions of ‘I Came By’ were also taped in Surrey, a county in South East England bordering Greater London to the northeast. The county houses several historically significant architecture and monuments, including Holmbury Hill, Hascombe Hill, Farnham Castle, Guildford Castle, and Abbot’s Hospital. Some other places of interest in and around Surrey are the Devil’s Punch Bowl, Claremont Landscape Garden, the Royal Botanic Gardens, and Shalford Mill.

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