Netflix’s Missed Connections: All Shooting Locations

Directed by Jelise Chung, Netflix’s ‘Missed Connections’ is a Filipino romantic comedy movie that follows a hopeless romantic who takes the help of an app to find the man of her dreams hopefully. Due to the app’s mistaken connections online, she crosses paths with a young man and instantly falls in love with him. However, the man expected to meet with the girl he has been eyeing and pursuing.

Featuring a group of talented Filipino actors and actresses, including Miles Ocampo, Kelvin Miranda, Chienna Filomeno, JC Santos, Matet de Leon, and Jericho Arceo, the rom-com movie touches upon the theme of love triangles, which keeps the viewers hooked to the movie from the beginning to the end. Moreover, the use of some interesting sites as the protagonists navigate their relationship makes one curious about the actual filming sites of ‘Missed Connections.’ If you have been wondering the same, we have got you covered!

Missed Connections Filming Locations

‘Missed Connections’ was filmed entirely in the Philippines, across several different locations within the country. Principal photography for the comedy movie seemingly took place around June and July 2022. Now, without further ado, let us take you through all the specific locations that appear in the Netflix movie!


Officially known as the Republic of the Philippines, the Philippines served as the primary production location for all the pivotal sequences of ‘Missed Connections.’ To shoot the interior scenes, the filming unit either set up camp in the actual establishments or utilized the facilities of one of the film studios in the country. There are numerous film studios and production companies in the Philippines, such as AgostoDos Pictures, Black Sheep Productions, Filippine Productions, Rosas Production, and Libran Motion Picture.

As for the exterior scenes, the cast and crew members of ‘Missed Connections’ traveled in the country to shoot key portions against suitable backdrops. Given the country’s rich history of the Spanish colonial period, the Philippines consisted of hints of Spanish architecture when it comes to town designs, most of which got ruined during World War II.

After that, most of the establishments adapted baroque architecture to withstand earthquakes. So, you might spot examples of such buildings and other landmarks in the backdrop of different scenes. Some are the Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex, Rizal Park, the Manila Ocean Park, the Manila Cathedral, and the Binondo Church. Over the years, these locales have been featured in several other movies and TV shows, including ‘Crazy Beautiful You,’ ‘A Very Special Love,’ ‘Forever First Love,’ and ‘Prima Donnas.’

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