Where Was Rich in Love 2 Filmed?

A sequel to ‘Rich in Love,’ Netflix’s ‘Rich in Love 2’ is a Brazilian romantic comedy movie co-written and helmed by Bruno Garotti that revolves around the relationship of Paula and Teto as they face new challenges that test their love for each other to the limit. Following her dreams and resuming her work as a volunteer doctor, Paula embarks on a mission and travels to the Amazon. Worried about staying away from her, Teto plans to convince his work partners to establish a tomato cooperative in the same region where she would be.

However, to save his relationship with Paula and his company, Teto must give up his rich boy skills and try to deal with a powerful landowner. Originally titled ‘Ricos de Amor 2,’ the rom-com features a talented ensemble, including Giovanna Lancellotti, Danilo Mesquita, Fernanda Paes Leme, Jaffar Bambirra, Roney Villela, and Ernani Moraes. Due to the smooth transition from the city with several skyscrapers and gigantic mountains in the backdrop to the vastness of the Amazon River, the audience poses the question — where was ‘Rich in Love 2’ shot? Luckily, we have gathered all the details to provide you with the answer!

Rich in Love 2 Filming Locations

‘Rich in Love 2’ was filmed entirely in Brazil, mainly in Rio de Janeiro and Amazonas. The principal photography for the romantic movie seemingly commenced in August 2022 and wrapped up in September of the same year. Now, without further ado, let’s traverse through all the specific locations where Paula and Teto’s relationship gets tested in the Netflix Brazilian movie!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The capital of the eponymous state, Rio de Janeiro, where much of the story is set, served as one of the primary production locations for ‘Rich in Love 2.’ The filming unit traveled across the city to shoot various scenes against suitable backdrops. For instance, during the production schedule, several locals and passersby spotted the director and his team taping significant portions for the rom-com in and around Ladeira Shed of Arts (Galpão Ladeira das Artes) at R. Conselheiro Lampreia, 225 – Cosme Velho in Rio de Janeiro.

Moreover, the locales of the Alto da Boa Vista neighborhood, situated in the North Zone of the city, feature pretty heavily in ‘Rich in Love 2.’ Since most of the exterior scenes were shot on location, many of you will likely spot numerous historically and culturally significant landmarks and attractions in the backdrop of different scenes. Some are the Biblioteca Nacional, the National Museum of Fine Arts, Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf Mountains, the Imperial Square, and the Theatro Municipal.

Amazonas, Brazil

Teto follows Paula to Amazonas, named after the Amazon River, and the scenes involving the same were mostly taped on location. As for the river scenes, some were recorded in Rio Negro, aka Guainía, known to be the largest tributary of the Amazon River. Furthermore, the capital of the Brazilian state of Amazonas, Manaus, served as a prominent production location for ‘Rich in Love 2.’

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