Where Was School of Rock Filmed?

Director Richard Linklater’s comedy ‘School of Rock’ is easily one of the most memorable music-themed movies. It follows a struggling rock guitarist Dewey Finn (Jack Black), who pretends to be a substitute teacher at a prep school. He trains a group of fifth-graders so they can win the Battle of the Bands, which in turn could help him pay his rent. Apart from the energetic powerhouse Black, the movie also features Joan Cusack, Mike White, Sarah Silverman, and Miranda Cosgrove in pivotal roles.

The ludicrous premise of the 2003 film is complemented by the cast’s high-energy performances, upbeat music, and hysterical gags. Amidst all this, its idealistic setting and scenic urban locations go underappreciated. If you are curious to learn more about the locations seen in ‘School of Rock,’ here’s everything you need to know!

School of Rock Filming Locations

‘School of Rock’ was filmed in New York State and New Jersey. The city is a renowned educational hub and is home to some of the country’s best institutes. Therefore, it makes for the perfect location given the film’s plot largely unfolds at a prestigious prep school. Some exterior shots were also filmed in Los Angeles, California. Let’s take a closer look at the movie’s specific filming spots!

New York City, New York

The opening scenes of the film depict Dewey getting kicked out from his band after a performance. These scenes were filmed at Northsix, an indie music venue on 66 North 6th Street, Williamsburg, in the Brooklyn neighborhood. The iconic venue was later remodeled and is presently known as the Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Staten Island, New York

Wagner College, located at 1 Campus Road in Staten Island, doubles as the exterior location for the Horace Green Preparatory School, where Dewey works as a substitute teacher. Some sequences were filmed at the Cargo Cafe located at 120 Bay Street in Staten Island. The climax of the movie featuring the Battle of the Bands competition was shot at St. George Theatre situated at 35 Hyatt Street.

Long Island, New York

The interior scenes of the Horace Green Preparatory School were filmed at Buckley Country Day School at 2 I.U. Willets Road in Roslyn on Long Island. The island is popular for its beautiful beaches and shore-side restaurants.

Rahway, New Jersey

The cast and crew of the movie also filmed some sequences in New Jersey, mainly in the city of Rahway, which falls in southern Union County. Some outdoor scenes were shot at Union County Arts Center at 1601 Irving Street. The town is known for its countryside scenery and rich history.

Other Locations in New Jersey

Additionally, filming of the movie took place in Edison, a township in Middlesex County, and the borough of Franklin Lakes in Bergen County.

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