Where Was Shooter Filmed?

With Antoine Fuqua behind the direction, ‘Shooter’ is an action thriller movie that is based on a 1993 novel written by Stephen Hunter titled ‘Point of Impact’. The movie revolves around a veteran marksman Bob Lee Swagger, who is living in exile but is persuaded to put on his hung-up armor and uniform after learning of a plot to kill the President. Later, he gets double-crossed for the attempt and that forces him to be on the run, while he searches for the truth and the real killer.

Like many other action thrillers, ‘Shooter’ is also filled with some thrilling and explosive visuals, complemented with suitable backdrops to make it an intriguing and gripping watch. If you are curious to know about the filming sites used for its production, here is everything we know!

Shooter Filming Locations

While a majority of the scenes of ‘Shooter’ were shot in British Columbia, Canada, other locations like California, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, and Maryland were also utilized to shoot some critical scenes. The principal photography began on June 19, 2006, and was seemingly completed before the end of the year. So, let’s put on a scope and get a detailed look at the filming locations of this action-packed movie!

British Columbia

A huge portion of the film was filmed in British Columbia, known for its enormous mountain ranges and Pacific coastline. Cache Creek, a small village 354 km northeast of Vancouver in British Columbia, was used as one of the filming sites of ‘Shooter’. Making use of the backdrops offered by Kamloops, where the North and South Thompson river meets, the action movie filmed several scenes in this Canadian city.

Many significant sequences were filmed in and around New Westminster, which is located in the Lower Mainland region of the province. The scene wherein Swagger escapes alongside the Delaware River was actually shot alongside the Fraser River. Furthermore, the car chase sequence where the vehicle tumbles into the river was lensed at 6th Street and off the Westminster Quay. Also, the scene where Swagger is seen hanging on to the side of a dredger was filmed on the Fraser River, situated near the Pattullo Bridge.

The other locations that doubled up as filming destinations for the production of ‘Shooter’ in this versatile westernmost Canadian province are Ashcroft, Vancouver, Mission, Thompson-Nicola Region, Abbotsford, and Whistler. The mountaintop confrontation sequence was shot on the glaciers of Rainbow Mountain, which forms the northeastern wall of the Callaghan Valley.


The team moved to the city of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania to film some of the most critical scenes of the movie. The assassination sequences were filmed in the Independence National Historical Park located in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia. To add more drama and elevation to the scene, the sniper location was made from using the exteriors of the church steeple located right at the junction of North 4th Street and New Street. This historic location has also been used as a backdrop for other movies like ‘Rocky 2‘ and ‘The First American.’


Apart from Pennsylvania, the team also decided to shoot some sequences in California, particularly in Benton Crossing Road, the Log Cabin situated at the Backlot of the Universal Studios at 100 Universal City Plaza, and Mammoth Lakes, where the final scene was filmed in the lakes basin.

Other Locations in the USA

The states of Washington DC and Maryland also served as filming destinations for this action-thriller movie.

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